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The Art of the Online Hook Up

I’m not passing judgment when I say this–Lord knows that would make me a hypocrite–but if you’re reading this blog or if you’re into online gay porn at all, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve tried to hook up online.  I have.  There’s no shame in it.  If you think about it, that’s really all [...]

Tommy Defendi Needs To Pound My Ass

So, I was sitting at home bored and needing to write a blog post.  Strapped for material (because, really, have you seen my ‘List of People I’d Fuck‘?  That’s lazy blog-writing at it’s best), I decided to browse around Gay Reviews.  I mean, I work for the site, so I should know my way around [...]

Cocky Boys: Yes Please!

Y’all, I know that I’ve reviewed Cocky Boys already and you know how I feel about it. But I don’t think I’ve properly shared how I really, really feel about  If it were a penis, I would keep it inside me at all times.  Extreme, yes, but the amounts of love I have for [...]

People I’d Fuck: An Ongoing List…

Own your sexuality, people. Everyone has a list of people they’d fuck. This is mine, and why. 1. David Boreanaz, because he looks like he’d work you over good and leave you exhausted. 2. Liz Phair, for the same reason. 3. Robert Pattinson, because it would make me feel dirty in a lot of ways, [...]

You Won’t Find A Boyfriend

Listen up, my gaybies (that’s “gay babies”, in case you didn’t know. And no, I’m not calling you babies, like, you’re immature little children, I’m calling you babies as a term of endearment. God, now I’m all distracted. Lemme start over.).  Listen up, my gaybies, because I’ve got something you really need to hear: you’re [...]

Enjoying the mystery

At my place of employment (what, real life?), there is a security officer who is…words can’t really describe the hotness of him.  There have been times I’ve responded to an issue and he’s been there (let’s call him Officer Do-Me) and I’ve literally lost my ability to speak.  In his full uniform that makes his [...]

Food, Sex, and Food & Sex

I’m hungry and horny, so naturally I’m thinking about food and sex.  At first I was just thinking about food and thinking about sex, but my mind tends to combine things (which is how things like “cheesebear” and “assbutt” turn into my personal, favorite insults) so now I’m thinking about food and sex and at [...]

Stages of Gay

Recently, one of my favorite episodes of Will & Grace was on.  It was the hour-long Thanksgiving episode where the audience finds out how Will came out to Grace.  There are a lot of really great lines–Karen’s are fucking classic–but what stuck out to me was a line that teenaged-Jack had to pre-homo Will:  ”You’re [...]

Bone Appetit

In my life I have done a lot of masturbating.  I mean, a lot of masturbating.  For one, I review gay paysites and sometimes I have to mix business with pleasure.  For another, I try not to put out on the first date, so I tend to go home with some epic blue balls because [...]

The Quality of Being Gay

I’m about to turn 30.  In the normal world, this isn’t necessarily cause for alarm.  However in my world–the gay world–I may as well start looking into assisted living homes, buying stock in adult diapers and developing a love for old Matlock reruns and eating dinner at 4:30 in the afternoon.  In our culture, the [...]

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