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Dancing with the Gay Stars

Okay, I can’t believe that after 13 seasons people are still willing to watch that heaping piece of garbage Dancing with the Stars. I mean I am a reality junkie, but this show is really cheesy and sappy and poorly produced, and having to listen to Tom Bergeron try to come up with quick quips [...]

Foo Fighters Do Gay Porn

I have to admit that for some reason I have always had a small little crush on Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl. Not only is he extremely talented and sexy in that I-Haven’t-Taken-A-Shower-Since-1992 way, but he always has just a little gay about him. Maybe it the sparkle in his eye, or the fact [...]

Let’s Talk About Famous Butts

I saw Friends with Benefits last weekend, and, if you don’t know already, Justin Timberlake shows off his naked ass several times during the flick. I must say, I was impressed; taught, smooth, nice. It doesn’t have a particular identity, but then again neither does the rest of his body. I’d, of course, do his [...]

Miley gets a Gay Tattoo, Sort of

Miley Cyrus may talk like she’s got dick suckers cramp with her whisky drinkin 4 pack a day cigarette smokin southern accent, but she ain’t no dummy. The girl knows that the only way to stay relevant in music after your prepubescent years fade is to appeal to the gay audience so this week she [...]

“Beginners” is a Tale for the Ages

At 80 years old consummate thespian Christopher Plummer is proving that it is never to old to be gay, in his new film Beginners that chronicles the story of a man who is faced with his discovery about his father’s sexuality. The film, which opened this month, stars the enigmatic Ewan McGregor, Melanie Laurent, and [...]

The Grabby Awards Honor the Best Sex in the Business

The Grabby’s were held this week in Chicago and many of the top names in the porn business came out to gather their trophies and watch as perennial hosts Honey West and Chi Chi Larue put on an incredible fun filled evening. Big-winners included Brent Everett, who won the Best Actor award and shared the [...]

Leonardo DiCaprio’s first gay kiss (yeah, right)

How hot would it be to watch Leonardo DiCaprio making out with Armie Hammer? Well according to Oscar winning scriptwriter Dustin Lance Black, the world is gonna get a chance to watch it. The forthcoming Clint Eastwood-directed biopic J. Edgar about the often-controversial life of FBI director will explore the relationship he had with Clyde [...]

Who’s Your Hollywood DILF?

There’s been a lot of talk about DILFs lately, and I just read today that Playgirl wants the ex-Congressman Christopher Lee to do a shoot for their “DILFs” issue. His biceps aren’t bad, if that photo is any indication. I confess; I like older men. Ever since I was a kid I thought men over [...]

Christina Aguilera’s Drunken Night

I guess I just don’t understand why rich people would still be busted for drunk driving. I mean get a limo and drink all you want idiots! Songstress and Britney Spears sparring partner Christina Aguilera proved that she too still has some “Dirrty” left in her when she became the latest casualty of drunken arrests. [...]

A Quick Letter to Kathy Griffin

Dear Kathy, I want to start off by saying that you are a genius! You are brilliantly smart, funny and have such great sensibility when it comes to understanding your audience. That being said, you do have one habit that is really irritating and cringe worthy and I just need to ask you to reconsider [...]

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