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Please explain to me: Bareback edition

I’m not sure if it’s just my taste in men, but every time I log onto a bareback site, the guys turn me off. There’s something I looked at called, which gives you permission to view half a dozen bareback sites. I checked all of them out, and couldn’t find a single guy who [...]

Please explain to me: Fisting edition

Browsing through the Porno-sphere, I happened upon a site called Okay, the name kind of clued me in, but I didn’t know that the “sport” was still popular. The last time I remember hearing about fisting was when someone told me a story about the 1970s and Fire Island, and how, if you walked [...]

Please explain to me: Twink edition

I’m vacationing in Miami Beach, and finally got to gay SoBe. What did I see? About ten great-looking muscle clones, and about 7,000 Twinks. WTF? Half of them looked like they were under-age, and when one approached me and flirted, I almost said, “Does your mommy know you’re cruising?” I was afraid someone was going [...]

Please explain to me: Bondage edition

I recently checked out Alpha Male Fuckers, and, well, I don’t get it. I know men like bondage, and I’ve been to my share of leather bars. But what’s the deal? Two guys (one hot, one not so much) talk to the camera about submission and domination, then they go at it like they’re fighting [...]

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