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Gay porn gallery: Hot Barebacking – Miguel Temon, Calvin Michaels & Sebastian

Read our Hot Barebacking gay porn review Join Hot Barebacking now! Miguel Temon returns in this video to play with Calvin Michaels and Sebastian. Calvin only wants to service his two tops with his mouth and ass. They fill both holes with cock and cum. Calvin also gets double fucked with Miguel’s chubcock and a [...]

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Gay porn gallery: Sex Gaymes – Pagan Prince & Danny Sommers

Read our Sex Gaymes gay porn review Join Sex Gaymes now! Completely solid blond hunk Pagan Prince puts the equally stunning Danny Sommers to work on his thick cock before rewarding him with a supremely hot ass-fucking on the bed in this video. Seeing that mopped blond hair sway as he taps Danny’s ass is [...]

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Gay porn gallery: Bad Puppy – Rick Bauer & David fuck

Read our Bad Puppy gay porn review Join Bad Puppy now! See more of pornstar Rick Bauer You’ve seen them solo and now they’ve been paired in this duo! 27 year old Rick Bauer and 22 year old David, both from Budapest, are big into fitness. They’ve been wanting to team up in a shoot [...]

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Enjoying the mystery

At my place of employment (what, real life?), there is a security officer who is…words can’t really describe the hotness of him.  There have been times I’ve responded to an issue and he’s been there (let’s call him Officer Do-Me) and I’ve literally lost my ability to speak.  In his full uniform that makes his [...]

Gay porn gallery: Randy Blue – Derek Atlas and all his muscles

Read our Randy Blue gay porn review Join now! You know when you hear the name Derek Atlas what to expect. You know you’re gonna see one of the hottest muscle studs you’ve ever seen. His beefy body gleaming with beads of sweat as he lifts the heaviest weights at the gym. He looks [...]

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Gay porn gallery: Cocky Boys – Mason Star, Phenix Saint & Jimmy Clay 3Way

Read our Cocky Boys gay porn review Join Cocky Boys now! See more from pornstars Phenix Saint & Jimmy Clay What do you get when you put three hot, horny, monster-dicked cockyboys together and let them do whatever they want? I wish I could tell you but after shooting this scene – I’m at a [...]

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Gay Pride 2011 too much of a party?

Gay Pride has come and gone this year, and I had to think about what it meant. Why? I was invited to many events over the past weekend, and while each one was different in theme, there was one consistent: Sex. At the first party I went to, two of my friends left after picking [...]

Food, Sex, and Food & Sex

I’m hungry and horny, so naturally I’m thinking about food and sex.  At first I was just thinking about food and thinking about sex, but my mind tends to combine things (which is how things like “cheesebear” and “assbutt” turn into my personal, favorite insults) so now I’m thinking about food and sex and at [...]

Gay porn gallery: Dirty Tony – Naval Airman AC’s first gay fuck

Read our Dirty Tony gay porn review Join now! Devilishly handsome and straight Naval Airman AC is back on the military cot to fulfill some fleeting erotic thoughts and also to fill another army guy’s sweet tight hole. Roman Rivers couldn’t wait to show AC what it’s like to have his fat cock strangled [...]

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Something a little more serious

This month marks the 30th anniversary of the discovery of the AIDS virus, and a couple of days ago someone asked me to watch a documentary about the subject. It was devastating and terrific. For a long time afterwards, I had no desire to have sex and no desire to look at porn. Every time [...]

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