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What is it about men in suits?

What is it about men in suits that makes me pre-cum all over my Armani tie? I was checking out and saw a video with Dean Monroe—who may just be the hottest bottom in porn (and that nose? It’s so fucking odd and so fucking sexy). Anyway, it’s one of those “at the office” [...]

When to make the first move?

Okay, this isn’t exactly about porn, but when you go on a date with a new guy, when do you ask/initiate sex? Most of us like to be polite, and not seem like perverts, so it’s a tough call. Also, I’m not talking about a hook-up, but a real date. A few days ago, I [...]

Life after porn: Colton Ford

I never knew who Colton Ford was until about two years ago when some friends invited me to a club appearance of his in New York. All they said was, “Hey, wanna go see that really hot porn star, Colton Ford?” I seriously thought we were going to hit a club and watch some guy [...]

The Art of the Online Hook Up

I’m not passing judgment when I say this–Lord knows that would make me a hypocrite–but if you’re reading this blog or if you’re into online gay porn at all, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve tried to hook up online.  I have.  There’s no shame in it.  If you think about it, that’s really all [...]

Are Tough Dudes Really Hotter?

I was checking out this site called Straight Naked Thugs, and noticed that the appeal is to have a bunch of homophobic morons insult you, act lihomeboys, and then jerk off for your pleasure. It kind of turned me on, and I’m not sure if that makes me a sick fuck or if that means [...]

Big love for short men

A lot of guys I know refuse to go out with short men; by short, I mean five foot nine or smaller. I love short men, and I’m almost six feet. Short men with great bodies have a compact, “fuck me hard” look to them that gets me every time. I just want to throw [...]

Let’s talk about big ones

I don’t know about most men, but I love to look at a big dick, love to feel a big dick, I even like to suck a big dick. Getting fucked by a big dick is a whole different story. Granted, I’m not a major bottom, but I’m not sure how some guys do it. [...]

What makes porn porn?

I was checking out some amazingly hot photos of Todd Sanfield and Jakub Stefano the other day, both who are “models” who show off their butts, and in the case of Stefano, cock. I’ve never heard anyone say their pictures are porn, but Stefano? He’s hard in some of the shots, and he’s in the [...]

Tommy Defendi Needs To Pound My Ass

So, I was sitting at home bored and needing to write a blog post.  Strapped for material (because, really, have you seen my ‘List of People I’d Fuck‘?  That’s lazy blog-writing at it’s best), I decided to browse around Gay Reviews.  I mean, I work for the site, so I should know my way around [...]

Where’s Our Chocolate Fix?

Is it just me, or are there very few black guys on the major porn sites? Everyone has different tastes (some men don’t like blonds, some don’t like beefcake), and I know a lot of guys who would add to that list, “black men.” That’s their prerogative, of course, but given how many men love [...]

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