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Crush on Colby Keller: still intact

So, some third grader in Washington DC did what I wish I would have thought of, and made a list of 90 types of bitches. Her teacher found the list on the floor (albiet, missing numbers 44 through 58 due to a lost page). The man of my dreams, AKA Colby Keller, has put out [...]

New porn discounts for Gay Reviews users

Just wanted to give our readers a heads up: we are not offering some badass porn discounts for you guys! We are offering a user discount for Bait Bus at only $17.95 per month. Watch straight guys get the ol’ bait and switch on this classic site, which is normally $29.95. Gay Reviews users also [...]

This kid is so much cooler than me

Saw this video linked around on Twitter and had to share. Holy shit, this kid rocks. -Shelly

George Reker is a/enjoys dick

My home town continues to make me proud. George Reker, certifiable asshole and blatant homophobe, is the co-founder of the Family Research Council, a group well known for protesting all things gay and, generally, stinking up the whole country with their anti-gay efforts. Reker usually spends his time with buddies like Ann Coulter, so it [...]

What, I like hipsters, okay?

Typically we here at Gay Reviews enjoy posting new galleries for you all, but it usually doesn’t involve too much discussion. Seems pretty simple: here’s some new porn, go do your thang, right? But I really have to comment on the joy that recently appeared in my inbox. It’s no secret amongst my friends that [...]

Amateur Straight Guys re-launches, creates partnership with Active Duty

After a four month hiatus, hotass amateur site Amateur Straight Guys re-launched last Friday, revamped and ready to go.  And even more exciting news, creator Doug De Long has teamed up with Active Duty owner Dink Flamingo (famous for his military video exploits) to make Amateur Straight Guys’ re-debut onto the web bigger and better [...]

Jordan Catalano, why?

The Gay Reviews staff (well, two of us) went to go see 30 Seconds to Mars last night. Jared Leto, who I will forever think of as Jordan Catalano because 1)I am old and, 2)Because that show spoke to me, okay!?, looked like this: Oh dear. -Shelly

Michael Lucas goes to Oxford, but Brent Corrigan won’t be going to Yale

Lucas Entertainment mastermind Michael Lucas will participate in an upcoming debate next month at Oxford University in England. Lucas will be debating in proposition of the motion, “This House Believes That The Gay Rights Movement Has Undermined Family Values.” When asked why Lucas was chosen as a debater, debate organizer Alexander Lau said that Lucas [...]

Obama orders hospital rights for same sex couples

President Obama issued a memo today asking the Department of Health and Human Services to establish a rule that would stop hospitals from denying visitation rights to gay and lesbian couples. In his memo, the President said: Gay and lesbian Americans are “uniquely affected” by relatives-only policies at hospitals, Obama said, adding that they “are [...]

Good news: not everyone is an asshole

Just a couple days after we hear that lesbian teen Constance McMillen was sent to a fake prom by her school administration while her straight peers partied at a secret location, and that Tennessee teen Cole Gosforth was sent home from school because of his “Lady Gay Gay” t-shirt, we finally get a little bit [...]

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