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Life after porn: Colton Ford

I never knew who Colton Ford was until about two years ago when some friends invited me to a club appearance of his in New York. All they said was, “Hey, wanna go see that really hot porn star, Colton Ford?” I seriously thought we were going to hit a club and watch some guy [...]

Porn Crush: Camden Christianson

Some boys were just made to be porn stars. Some have a perfect body, others have a huge cock or perfect bubble booty, but my favorites are the boys who just seethe with sexuality. You may not have heard of stunner Camden Christianson because he isn’t exactly a gay porn poster boy, but this man [...]

Tommy Defendi Needs To Pound My Ass

So, I was sitting at home bored and needing to write a blog post.  Strapped for material (because, really, have you seen my ‘List of People I’d Fuck‘?  That’s lazy blog-writing at it’s best), I decided to browse around Gay Reviews.  I mean, I work for the site, so I should know my way around [...]

Don’t Ask, Just Fuck

Talk about a giant leap from “Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell”, to “Put on your military uniform pull your cock out and film it!”  In a ruling by the U.S. Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals it was decided that Sgt. Matthew W. Simmons, an active duty member of the Marine Corps Band, was not in [...]

Idol Behind Bars

Anybody who has ever watched gay porn during it’s 1990’s heyday will surely recognize the stunning smile of one of the biggest stars of the era Ryan Idol, but Idol’s good looks and amazing fucking ability may, unfortunately, not be what he is ultimately remembered for. Idol’s real life persona Marc Anthony Donais was convicted [...]

Now Let’s Talk About Famous Pornstar Asses…

Earlier today, I blogged about hot celebrity asses (Daniel Craig, you’re still a solid A in my book), and I thought I’d try to figure out which porn stars have the best butts. I’m gonna start off with my favorite. Cody Cummings: Lots of guys don’t like this guy or his site,, because he [...]

Jet Set Pushes “Anthony’s Weener”

It never takes too long for the porn world to pick up on a good tabloid story and turn it in to a sexy adventure, so just a few weeks after US Representative Anthony Weiner decided that he had had enough of public exposure and resigned his New York 9th district congressional seat, Jet Set [...]

Randy Blue stars Chris Rockway & Cayden Ross dance at Faultline bar

This is so cool: I’m a huge fan and the other night I got a message from a friend of mine that Chris Rockway and Cayden Ross were going to be at Faultline bar, in Silverlake. I get there, and sure enough, they’re they are, dancing on a Stripper Pole. It was hot! Anyway, [...]

The Grabby Awards Honor the Best Sex in the Business

The Grabby’s were held this week in Chicago and many of the top names in the porn business came out to gather their trophies and watch as perennial hosts Honey West and Chi Chi Larue put on an incredible fun filled evening. Big-winners included Brent Everett, who won the Best Actor award and shared the [...]

Fame After Porn?

I’ve often wondered if porn stars could become successful after they’ve been seen doing it all on camera. For women, especially Playboy Bunnies, it doesn’t seem that difficult, but hardcore porn is a different element, especially when you add “gay” in front of it. My guess is that things are going to start to change, [...]

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