Idol Behind Bars

Anybody who has ever watched gay porn during it’s 1990’s heyday will surely recognize the stunning smile of one of the biggest stars of the era Ryan Idol, but Idol’s good looks and amazing fucking ability may, unfortunately, not be what he is ultimately remembered for. Idol’s real life persona Marc Anthony Donais was convicted this week and faces 15 years in prison for bashing his former girlfriends head in with a porcelain toilet lid. Classy. The 45-year-old Donais argued that he was only acting in self-defense after the unnamed victim brandished a knife on him, but the jury was unconvinced and returned a guilty verdict after little deliberation. Sadly the former stud will be sentenced in early December. I guess we won’t see any more Broadway appearances from Idol in the future unless he is doing the Cell Block Tango in an all male revival of Chicago. POP!


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