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Saturday Night in Gay Man’s Land: Post Club

Have you read Pre-Club & At The Club? 1.  Get in the cab before the straggling gays on the sidewalk who couldn’t find a piece in the club try to bribe you with a roofie colada. 2.  Tell your flame dame that the drink they’re offering is a roofie colada and pull her into the cab [...]

Gay porn gallery: Randy Blue – Chris Bines, Richard Pierce and Ryan Rockford threeway

Read our Randy Blue review / Join Randy Blue / Discuss in our forums See more of Chris Bines, Ryan Rockford & Richard Pierce Hot tattooed muscle studs getting into a horny threeway orgy. That’s the best way to describe the latest video with Chris Bines, Richard Pierce and Ryan Rockford. This is nonstop balls [...]

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Gay porn gallery: Freshman X – Porn Star Zach Alexander busts a nut

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Gay porn gallery: Haze Him: Pledge Rodeo

Read our Haze Him review / Join Haze Him / Discuss in our forums We got some good ole country boys this week. This frat has a local farm where they apparently do all their hazing activities.. and shit, they are pretty creative. Naked pig chasing, naked bareback racing, and naked paintball.. yeeeee hawww!! The [...]

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Amateur Straight Guys re-launches, creates partnership with Active Duty

After a four month hiatus, hotass amateur site Amateur Straight Guys re-launched last Friday, revamped and ready to go.  And even more exciting news, creator Doug De Long has teamed up with Active Duty owner Dink Flamingo (famous for his military video exploits) to make Amateur Straight Guys’ re-debut onto the web bigger and better [...]

Archie Comics go gay. Seriously.

Meet Kevin Keller, the first openly gay character in the Archie comic series. You remember Archie comics, right? Betty, Veronica, Jughead…this series has been around for decades, entertaining generations with the wholesome and all-American adventures of Archie and his buddies at Riverdale High. So why a gay character now? Archie Comics C-CEO Jon Goldwater says: [...]

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Gay porn gallery: Falcon Studios – Snow Trip “Scene D”

Read our Falcon review / Join Falcon Studios / Discuss in our forums Tony Douglas, Colin Williams, Elijah Michaels, Kaleb Darko, Parker Perry and Darius Soli rock out their last night in Reno with their big-ass orgy. They jump outta the hot tub and into each other’s face. Parker’s dick snakes it way into Darius’ [...]

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Gay porn gallery: Video Boys – Timo Taylor & Casey Devereaux

Read our Video Boys review / Join Video Boys / Discuss in our forums At first glance Casey Devereaux and Timo Taylor are an unlikely couple. Casey, 18 yrs old, French speaking, 100% gay, bottom (mostly). Timo, 23, English speaking, bisexual, top (mostly). But they have been flirting now for months and an official couple, [...]

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Jordan Catalano, why?

The Gay Reviews staff (well, two of us) went to go see 30 Seconds to Mars last night. Jared Leto, who I will forever think of as Jordan Catalano because 1)I am old and, 2)Because that show spoke to me, okay!?, looked like this: Oh dear. -Shelly

Gay porn gallery: You Love Jack – Taylor Brooks

Read our You Love Jack review / Join You Love Jack / Discuss in our forums Taylor takes his time as he shows off his tight little twink body while he slowly works his gigantic uncut cock – teasing the camera all the way. He works his fingers into his tight little asshole then shoots [...]

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