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Our good buddy Carson has been a regular at the Ranch the past few months. His las visit he surprised everyone by showing up with a friend. Now most of the time we like a little warning because most “friends” don’t end up making it in front of the cameras. Matthew just walked in and instantly got our attention  Matthew is straight but seeing Carson in his latest videos got Matthew to thinking about what it would be like to really hook up with another hot guy. Now I know that I harp on this a lot but I am just amazed at how open minded southern boys are these days. Matthew dropped hispants in front of everyone present so that we could all see why he wasso proud of what he was packing.

Matthew calls himself dirty blonde but I will tell you that he is about as ginger as you can get. He has a little body hair but it is so light that it is hard to see against his light skin. One look at this southern hottie and you can tell that he likes to get down and dirty whenever he has the chance.  I love watching the different techniques guys use to expel the poison out of their cocks. Watch as Matthew alternates between double fisting is rock hard cock and massaging the shaft with his thumb. Matthew unleashes a thick fountain of creamy with southern boy jizz. Not to worry, there is more action coming from Matthew so stay tuned.

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