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Vinny Dias thinks he’s going to spend a wild day at the beach with his buddy Chip Tanner, but Chip has other plans. Chip seduces his friend with the promise of a hot time and once he starts kissing him and working his tongue around his nipple he knows Chip is serious. Vinny loves getting his dick sucked so when Chip works his way down his lightly furry chest, down those rock hard pecs and chiseled abs Vinny closes his eyes in anticipation. Chip’s athletic prowess always makes him a perfect choice for any kind of sexual activity because he can blow a cock, get his ass plowed and fuck a hot hole with such poetic ease of movement, and usually all at the same time. There’s a great moment when Chip is sucking Vinny’s hard throbbing cock while jerking his own off and it’s almost like the dick in his hand and the one in his mouth are one and the same. And when Vinny’s balls churn out a nice hearty load he dumps it all on Chip’s handsome face.
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