Do Away With Doggie Style

I just want to put this out there…I hate doggie style.

This is gonna be a complete blog about why I wish they would do away with the position altogether in porn so bare with me. First off I know the position is easier to top in because with the pressure of the lights and the camera it can sometimes be hard to find the hole, but the whole “put your hand on your own ass and cheat out for the lens” thing kills any sort of sexual energy that the two participants have created. At least just move your hand up a little instead of putting it behind yourself. Second, I know the position is easier to film because you can get some good penetration and angle shots, but watching a cock go into a hole can get boring if there is no chemistry between the participants. Let them move around, try some new positions, lift legs, flip each other over, do something else to show that the guys are actually into each other. Make the camera guy do some work and find the right angles to film a good scene, but watching 15 minutes of repetitive doggie style is just so lazy and lackluster.

Image courtesy of Suite 703; click for full gallery

Thirdly, when you are doing it in real life, it can be kinda hot to bang away at each other without any connection, but on film when the guys aren’t even looking at each other they might as well be humping the bed. I can almost guarantee that if you watch a porn scene that isn’t really that stimulating and you don’t feel a connection between the performers it is because they are in doggie style. I have yet to see a boring sex scene that skips over the position and opts for a more creative stance. Give me cowboy, or missionary, or reverse cowboy, or spoon, or sideways, or hanging from the chandelier, or just about anything else but please don’t bore me with doggie style. This ends my public rant. Thank you.


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