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Out In Public
Out In Public porn review

Out In Public

Out In Public is a site featuring an adventurous couple who love to pick up hot guys and fuck them in public places. Part of the Big Daddy bonus network hub.

Main Category: Outdoors
Sub Categories: Amateur Boys, Hardcore Sex
Site type: Network (Big Daddy Network)
Launched: February 2010
Reviewed: April 7, 2010
Facts Updated: November 11, 2011
Full Review of Out In Public by Dominic Apr 07, 2010
My Score: 77.5 Bookmark and Share

Forum Discussion

First Impression

I love a porn site that's in your face. Like, bam! Here I fucking am and I'm gonna show you some fucking porn now, okay?! is definitely an in your face website. With its gritty design and heady exclamatories (Let's fuck, right here, in public!) I don't think it's going to take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is a 'what you see is what you get' kind of website. And that's not a bad thing. Too often, sites waste their time with overly thought-out scenarios and set-ups or catchy themes and slogans, but the delivery is always a bunch of generic junk. With, it's like this: want to see hot guys fuck? Want to see them do it in public places? Okay then, c'mon in!

I'm told right from the start that the creators of this website like to pick up random guys in public places and film them fucking. From the looks of the bare-bones tour, that's exactly what they do. Their helpful About Us section of the tour goes into more detail, explaining that they are doing a sort of "video blog documentation" of gay sex in public places. Thank god for wannabe filmmakers, huh? They film sex between both gay and straight/curious men who need a little "persuasion" (I'm guessing cash) and college-aged guys are their faves. Well shit, mine, too. This site is very new (launching just a month or so before the time of this review) so it's no wonder the "tour" isn't much more than the first page of their content. In their latest update, for example, I've got two cute guys giving an (almost) fully clothed blowjob behind a dumpster, then fucking up against the inside of a bathroom stall. The photos carry the same gritty style as the site design (more on that in a bit) and they're enticing enough for me to want to poke inside. So to speak.


Much like it's theme, the layout and user interface of Out In Public is fairly basic; you've got your basic navigation menu up at the top and then, down the page, a clean layout of all the latest updates with the most popular on top. Each update gives a nice, lengthy description and a teaser image, showing off a lot of cock and cumshots. Because they are still building their archive of content, there's not much of a need for much more than this just yet. A search feature seems pointless when there's only a dozen or so videos, and since these guys are all amateurs, it's not like you can search for your favorite star. However, I think down the line it might be cool for them to add some tagging features where you can determine where the sex is taking place – behind a van, in the woods, in the back of a restaurant…you get me.  Their content is dated and it shows weekly updates, so if you're a little uncertain about signing up for such a new site, at least you know fresh content will be coming regularly. Their design is pretty gritty and raw looking, with an 'inside of a bathroom stall' feel to it and it sounds tacky, but it really kind of adds to the whole feel of the site.


As stated, there's only about a dozen 45-minute videos posted on right now, with new ones added each week.  You can view each one as a full-length movie, or they are helpfully split down into 1-3 minute scenes for those with slower computers. Videos are available as 720x408 streaming Flash only (boo!) but the jump speed is nice and the video itself seems to be shot in a very high quality (yay!). I get the whole 'no downloads' thing, I guess, professionally, but it still bums me out to not be able to save my favorites for later. The good news, though, is that there are tons of images, which you can save. Each "video blog" comes with two separate sets of photos – a more professional looking photo shoot of about 75-100 images, and then a series of screencaps of literally hundreds and hundreds of shots. If you're a play by play kind of guy and want to see every, individual frame of that cum hitting the hot amateur's face, you're going to be very happy here.  One complaint I have is that there's no option to view them in a slideshow or download a full shoot as a zip file – with that many photos, I think it would really be helpful, especially when I don't have both hands at full clicking capability, ya know?

Guys and Sex

The guys at Out In Public are not superstar model types by any means, but they are hot. You've got mostly college-aged guys who are toned, but not hulking, with minimal to no hair.  I'd say your average college jock, with a fairly 'straight' look to a lot of them. Whether they are actually straight or not, who knows, but I can say that many of them look like the type of guy I'd actually see in a parking lot and want to just shove up against a wall and fuck (maybe Out In Public is hiring? I should look into that...). The sex itself is pretty hot, and it's got that 'we might get caught' vibe to it that adds an extra level of excitement. One thing, though, is that when you get amateur filmmaking outside, you've also got interruptions and noise – cars going by, wind, etc. – not to mention shaky camera work at times. If that can ruin a site for you, this isn't the membership you'll want to purchase, but I feel like it rings true to the site's goal – hot guys fucking in public. Bam!


Out In Public offers members access to some live cam chat (an outside site, not guys from itself). In addition to that, you get discounts to some other popular gay porn sites like and  There are no internal site extras yet.

Overall Impression is a grower, not a shower. It's small now, and a little rough around the edges, but this site's got a ton of promise.  There are weekly updates coming in of new public sexcapades, and the men are consistently hot and into it. Plus, this site really caters nicely to its niche. If you've got a kink for public sex, this is the way to go. If you've got a thing for amateur fucking, this is also definitely a good bet. Think of it as an investment.

Bottom Line

Public sex romps, high quality updates and a raw, gritty feel make Out In Public a thumbs up in my book. Give this site a little time and it's gonna be huge.

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Out In Public Site Details: What you get for your money

Update frequency: Daily Network Updates

Exclusivity: 100%

Number of videos: 88 (avg. 30 minutes)

Maximum Video Resolution: 960x540

Videos have watermarks

Download limit: None

Video DRM: None

Video Formats: Flash / HD

Video Type: Streaming

Number of galleries: 88 (avg. 70 pics per gallery)

Pictures have watermarks

Only one picture size

No slideshows

No zip files

Out In Public Free Videos 23 videos

Out In Public

Out In Public gay outdoors video

Out In Public

Out In Public gay outdoors video

Out In Public

Out In Public gay outdoors video

Out In Public

Out In Public gay outdoors video

Out In Public

Out In Public gay outdoors video

Out In Public

Out In Public gay outdoors video
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