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Fresh SX
Fresh SX porn review
Category: DVD Porn
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Dirty Tony
Dirty Tony porn review

Dirty Tony

Tony Sparks is a director who loves to corrupt straight guys. Watch him expose these hottie straight dudes at

Main Category: Str8 Bait
Sub Categories: Hardcore Sex, Jocks/Frat Boys
Site type: Pay Site
Launched: January 2006
Reviewed: August 6, 2010
Facts Updated: October 27, 2011
Full Review of Dirty Tony by Ken Aug 06, 2010
My Score: 90.0 Bookmark and Share

Forum Discussion

First Impression

There are so many gay porn sites now, that it’s hard to expect much. After awhile it seems like there’s nothing new to show, right? Yes and no. captured me immediately, not because it promised me anything unusual (its basic theme is familiar—straight or gay guys getting fucked for the very first time), but because it had a cool, different look. Oh yeah, and some of the guys knocked me off the stripper pole. The colors are orange and rust and the layout’s basic and to the point. The site promises that you’re going to see newbies go at it, and that’s also the thrill. Even if it’s an illusion, I bought into the fantasy. I never once felt as if I was watching pornstars  sexing it up; the blow jobs are often awkward, the fucking is frantic (lots of sweat on foreheads), even the camerawork seems so-so; there are times when cocks gets blocked too long. But Dirty Tony had me coming back for more filth! I’m also impressed with any site that can come up with catchy headlines like “Mikey Gets a Hand!”


The site is well organized and easy to navigate. The only confusion may lie in the several "live" options: "Free Webcams, "Nakeddude," "Live Shows"—they all seem to be the same thing. They’re not: Nakeddude is a daily web site on porn, with lots of links and video clips. The web cams are familiar to anyone who’s been around the gay porn block—guys to pay for, on cam. And the live shows offer up different cams; there’s even a  pee cam option, and different guys on different dates. The best part of Dirty Tony is a category feature, in which you select what you want to see (for instance, "fucking"), and then work your way down to type, age, etc. It’s fun just to see it work, and the only flaw is the limitations of videos that come up. But there’s nothing difficult to figure out about Dirty Tony’s site—it’s as simple as the name.


The photos are great, and there are tons of them. They don’t have separate studio shots, but each video comes with a complete photo album (which you can download). I use that feature when I’m not sure if I want to take the time to download or even stream, and it helps when you can see the guys from beginning to end. The videos are amateurish in their direction and lighting, and that camera does get shaky. It’s shot in 1280x720 high definition, but the camera work isn't very high tech. If the guys were duller it would be a huge disappointment. You can download or stream everything in Quicktime or WMV, and everything worked perfectly when I tried it. The videos are all over 20 minutes, and there’s a good 30 photos to go with each clip. The site itself updates a couple of times a week, and if it keeps up, it should have an exceptional archive. Right now it seems to be in the beginning stages. Also, everything here is exclusive, so if you want to see these guys, you gotta go through Tony.

Guys and Sex

We all know porn is a fantasy, even if it’s amateur porn. What’s hot about Dirty Tony is that a lot of these young men really look like hustlers off the street. And that’s a good thing. The sexiest ones have that look of guys who know they’re hot, and know that women are all over them, but aren’t afraid to take it off for another dude, or take it up the ass. This is not Twink World or Makeup Central or Central Casting. I kept looking at these guys thinking they’d be the ones you follow into the steam room (after they’ve kissed their girlfriends), and come out a winner!  The sex, as I said, can be kind of frantic, with some of the cock sucking and ass play looking unprofessional. That’s also what’s charming. When the guys finally fuck, it looks like they’re about to explode. Also, several of these men are hot, hot, hot! Surprisingly, given the name, the men are fairly clean-cut. Lots of muscle, not that much facial hair or tattoos. What’s even better, Dirty Tony has a lot of ass shots! My biggest gripe with gay porn is that they don’t focus enough on butts. I’d much rather watch a butt slamming into another guy than latex. There are bubble butts all over the place here, and I couldn’t be happier.


Dirty Tony is a hot site if you want to see amateur, young men get it on—sometimes for the first time.  There isn’t a huge amount of variety as to what you’re seeing, but what they give you is first-rate, and will probably thrill men tired of the same old, er, faces. I’d also be willing to bet several of these guys move on to more prominent porn sites in the future. In addition to the features mentioned, there’s a Pay-Per-View link, so you can access other porn.

Overall Impression

Of all the "straight guys doing it for the first time" sites I’ve seen, this is the best. The guys are young, hot, and totally into it, from beginning to end. If they don’t look or act like porn pros, all the better. You can see that on other sites that you probably already pay for. And, once again, great asses, and great ass shots!

Bottom Line is a site showing amateur guys having sex, sometimes for the first time. The quality is not professional or high-brow, but the guys and some of the sex scenes are really hot. I highly recommend it if you want to look at something a little different from the guys you’ve seen everywhere else.

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Dirty Tony Site Details: Forum Discussion for Dirty Tony Forum Discussion

Update frequency: Twice/Three Times a Week

Exclusivity: 100%

Number of videos: 460 (avg. 15 minutes)

Maximum Video Resolution: 1280x720

Videos have watermarks

Download limit: None

Video DRM: None

Video Formats: WM / QT / Flash / HD / POP / IPod

Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming

Number of galleries: 460 (avg. 35 pics per gallery)

Pictures have watermarks

Only one picture size

No slideshows

No zip files

Exclusive Dirty Tony Picture Galleries 10 picture galleries

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5 month: $99.95 Monthly : $29.95

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