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Fresh SX
Fresh SX porn review
Category: DVD Porn
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My Brother's Hot Friend
My Brother's Hot Friend porn review

My Brother's Hot Friend

Does your brother have a hot friend that you're just dying to fuck, but afraid to act on it? Live out the fantasy at My Brother's Hot Friend. What's the harm if your bro never finds out?

Main Category: Hardcore Sex
Sub Categories: General Porn, Jocks/Frat Boys
Site type: Network (Suite 703)
Launched: January 2008
Reviewed: May 14, 2010
Facts Updated: September 8, 2011
Full Review of My Brother's Hot Friend by Joseph May 14, 2010
My Score: 87.0 Bookmark and Share

Forum Discussion

First Impression is a Suite 703 site, so naturally the first thing I notice is lots of hot guys for my viewing pleasure. Already I know that this is going to be my kind of site. The preview promises me lots of hot videos, and once I’m logged into the site, I don’t really need much more assistance getting through it. The thing I like about a site called is that I know I’m guaranteed hot guys and that seems to be about it. The situations are probably going to be random, because they can be, and all those fantasies I used to have about my older brother’s hot friends can now come true (on my computer screen).


There’s not really a lot to this site, other than a butt-load of videos, so while the home page is crammed full of things to look at, they’re all links to the latest uploads, and I honestly can’t complain about a company trying to make sure I have easy access to a lot of porn. I find the search function difficult to use, but the Porn Finder makes up for it. I like having the ability to pick from pre-set categories, to make sure that I find what it is I’m looking for. Using the Porn Finder helps me find exactly what I’m looking for, so that I can get to the porn-watching quicker. Using the Porn Finder also taps you into the sister sites of Suite 703, so visiting one means you’re visiting all of them. And you know what they say: the more, the merrier!


The photos available on this site are incredible, and you can view them as a slide show or download them in a zip file for future enjoyment. Also, when I say photos I mean real photos, these aren’t screen stills or anything like that. These are posed photos of these gorgeous men in all their slicked-up, well, gorgeousness. When you’re viewing the images online they’re not quite high-resolution, but when you download them as a zip file they are, and you can see every detail of these delicious men. I wish I could say the same about the videos. Many of them are shot in HD, so the picture will be exquisite. If they’re not, however, then the picture is usually pretty grainy. While I’m being negative, the lighting is really good, but the camera-work isn’t. It often felt bumpy and uneven. It’s clear that a tripod was usually not being used, and while the person operating the camera was working very hard to make sure we had great views throughout the video, sometimes it felt like I was watching on a boat. Having said all that, the sex is hot, so if you don’t mind shaky camera work (and I don’t), then you’ll still enjoy this. Downloading is available in a variety of ways. You can download for Windows Media, in DVD format, and to watch on either the iPod or iPhone. The high def versions come in three different sizes, so if your system can’t handle the big stuff (like mine), you can still watch in HD. You can also stream live from the site. Another really great thing about this site is the sheer volume of videos. Between and all its sister sites through Suite 703, you can watch awesome porn all day long. The site is updated frequently, so you can usually find something new.

Guys and Sex

Let’s move on to the good news, and what you want to know about the guys and the sex they’re having. The guys in these videos are scorching hot. After a quick perusal of the categories in the Porn Finder, you’ll see that you can find just about any kind of guy, up to about stocky, with many well known names thrown in the bunch. There’s no bear category here, but if you’re into learn, hard bodies, then we have something in common and this site will make you very happy. The sex itself is hot, made hotter because the guys are very into it. Whether the guys are on the receiving end or giving, they’re enthusiastic about what they’re doing. You won’t get bored watching these guys enjoying themselves.


I’ve already mentioned this, but in addition to all the action available on, you also have access to all the videos on the other Suite 703 sites. In other words, this is like a buy one get three free deal by the time you’re finished. Membership also gives you access to post and communicate on the Suite 703 forums. That’s all you get for your membership, however, I still think it’s a pretty good deal though. Suite 703 is awesome, and between the different web sites, you’ll always have something new and hot to watch.

Bottom Line

This site is criminally hot, and completely worth the membership price.

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My Brother's Hot Friend Site Details: What you get for your money

Update frequency: Daily Network Updates

Exclusivity: 100%

Number of videos: 112 (avg. 30 minutes)

Maximum Video Resolution: 1920x1080

Videos have watermarks

Download limit: None

Video DRM: None

Video Formats: WM / QT / Flash / HD / POP / IPod

Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming

Number of galleries: 112 (avg. 100 pics per gallery)

Pictures have watermarks

Multiple picture sizes


Offers zip files

Exclusive My Brother's Hot Friend Picture Galleries 4 picture galleries
My Brother's Hot Friend Free Videos 59 videos

My Brother's Hot Friend

Alexsander Freitas, Marcus Mojo gay hardcore sex video from My Brother's Hot Friend
Models: Alexsander Freitas video
Marcus Mojo video

My Brother's Hot Friend

Ari Silvio, Phenix Saint gay hardcore sex video from My Brother's Hot Friend
Models: Ari Silvio video
Phenix Saint video

My Brother's Hot Friend

Rod Daily, Drew Cutler gay hardcore sex video from My Brother's Hot Friend
Models: Rod Daily video
Drew Cutler video

My Brother's Hot Friend

Johnny Donavan, Nash Lawler gay hardcore sex video from My Brother's Hot Friend
Models: Johnny Donavan video
Nash Lawler video

My Brother's Hot Friend

Kyle York, Parker Brookes gay hardcore sex video from My Brother's Hot Friend
Models: Kyle York video
Parker Brookes video
Free Galleries from My Brother's Hot Friend 369 galleries

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