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Fresh SX
Fresh SX porn review
Category: DVD Porn
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Male Vault
Male Vault porn review

Male Vault

Male Vault is presented by gay porn pros C1R and features a nice collection of hardcore videos and pay per view options to enjoy.

Main Category: DVD Porn
Sub Categories: General Porn, Hardcore Sex, Jocks/Frat Boys, Muscle
Site type: Pay Site
Launched: December 2010
Reviewed: October 17, 2011
Facts Updated: October 17, 2011
Full Review of Male Vault by Ken Oct 17, 2011
My Score: 72.0 Bookmark and Share

Forum Discussion

First Impression

I didn’t have much of an impression when I first logged on to Male Vault, as the title seemed kind of generic, and the homepage didn’t seem particularly indicative of a specific genre. It didn’t take long to realize that it’s a collection of videos from a few different studios—although here, they put them all on the same site as opposed to making some of them extras. I also realized after probing a bit and seeing Jeff Stryker’s photo pop-up, that this site really is a vault; these films go back to pre-condom times and there’s new stuff, too. The site tells you you’re gonna get tons of films to stream, and it delivers. The five studios involved are All Worlds Video, Rascal Video, Dirk Yates, Catalina, and Titan Media. If you know any of these companies, you already know they have some hot clips and hotter guys. Nothing is available for downloading, and nothing looks like it’s been organized by prepubescent children in their garage. 


The site is well organized and simple to use. The layout shows you exactly what you’re getting, without getting all high-tech on your ass. I do think they’d be smarter to tell you how much they update the films, as that’s a major concern for everyone who purchases a membership. Once you’re connected, you can view all videos, go down by genre, choose a model, or go straight to one of the studios. Since this site doesn’t have any live cam shows or blogs or other extras, it’s all right there. It also doesn’t have photographs, which might bum some of you out. Regardless, efficiency is a bonus when what you really want is a quick boner. There isn’t one “search” link, which is disappointing; if I know Dean Monroe is on a site, I’d like to be able to get to him ASAP (and yes, he’s here.)


They don’t have photos, but the videos themselves vary. A lot of them don’t have particularly good definition because a lot of them are quite old. Obviously, with different studios and directors, the feel of the clips are going to be varied, but there’s an overall tendency here to go with dark, moody clips and an ounce of storytelling. There’s also lots of water and group scenes. That’s not a put-down; some of the films gathered here are damn hot. It’s easy to understand why someone would want to put these films in a vault in the first place; they are worth re-discovering. As I wrote above, you can’t download anything here, but the streaming is extremely efficient. It’s not like one of those sites that only gives you terrible streaming options then directs you to their DVD store. They don’t break down the films; they show the whole kit and caboodle and some of these movies are three hours long. As for updating, it’s hard to say. They do show you the date of the film in the information section, but there’s no date as to when clips were added. The material is not exclusive to Male Vault.

Guys and Sex

You can click on several genres but, for the most part, expect to find a lot of beefcake. Some of the guys are pretty steroidal, and some just have jock appeal. Tattoos are minimal, as is facial hair and piercings. Manscaping is pretty common, and not just the pubes. None of this is a disappointment if you like ‘em big, buffed, and stupid looking. They’ve also got some mighty big cocks, quite a few of which are uncut. The sex, too, is usually pretty impressive and hot. And, yes, at times it’s romantic. If you know the work of Chi Chi LaRue (who has a lot of stuff on this site), you’ll know what to expect. LaRue has a knack for making steamy clips that also kind of make your heart melt. What you won’t get are a lot of newbies who stare or show off for the camera or who otherwise don’t seem to have any idea of what they’re doing.


If you like looking at older clips, or want to see them online for a change, you’ll probably be impressed with this site. Like restored movie classics, it’s fun, and hot to watch old porn clips that used to be confined to video stores or Triple X movie theaters. Don’t get me wrong – the site has newer stuff, too. Keep in mind that you can’t download and you’re not getting any other sites than what you see here, or any photos. If you’re a porn aficionado, it’s possible you might already have many of these flicks in your collection. Take all of that into consideration before joining. 

Overall Impression

I like sites that are basic and give you lots of different stuff to choose from. I also like beefy guys. Do the math, and you can probably figure out that I like this site. It’s shame you can’t download, but the content is so hot it almost makes up for it. I hate to navigate or spend a lot of time looking for what I want when I’m on a site, so I’m glad they’ve kept this one simple. If they made clear update schedules and stuck to them, it would be terrific.

Bottom Line

Male Vault is a streaming-only site of five different studios. Some of the clips are very old, some are new, and a lot of them are damn hot! The vintage porn here is a must-see.

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Male Vault Site Details: What you get for your money

Update frequency: Weekly

Exclusivity: Some Exclusive Material

Number of videos: 400 (avg. 120 minutes)

Maximum Video Resolution: 852x480

Videos have watermarks

Download limit: None

Video DRM: None

Video Formats: Flash

Video Type: Streaming


Visit Male Vault

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Trial : $9.95 (14 days)

(recurrs at 29.95)

Monthly : $29.95


3 month: $69.95


Year : $99.95

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Condoms used in all or most scenes

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