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Category: DVD Porn
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East Boys
East Boys porn review

East Boys

East Boys offers the best Eastern European boys on the net, all ready to strip down and get dirty for you.

Main Category: Euro-Boys
Sub Categories: Hardcore Sex, Twinks 18+, Uncut
Site type: Pay Site
Launched: November 2000
Reviewed: May 5, 2010
Facts Updated: November 10, 2011
Full Review of East Boys by Track May 05, 2010
My Score: 74.0 Bookmark and Share

Forum Discussion

First Impression

European twinks reign supreme at, and if you like simple, to the point, good sex, then this fully loaded site would be an excellent stop on your cock pumping quest to get off. The men are young, horny, hairless, and cute, and are more than willing to put on a good show, but this site definitely lacks a lot of the sophistication and technology that makes a great gay porn website successful. As soon as you log on, you will notice that there really isn’t that much unexpected or unique about this site, and when so many other companies are going that extra mile to make a sexy product, sites like this definitely get lost in the abyss of average porn.


The layout is a bit antiquated and could use a bit of a boost in order to make it really standout. The search engine does allow you to thumb through the multitude of videos and photo layouts and gives you the option of choosing your favorite boy or activity to help narrow down your search. A small screen shot lets you know what kind of scene to expect, but when the guys all look very similar, a brief description would have been a good choice to add. The layout can be a bit inconsistent at times despite the sites simplicity, but if you are just looking for a quick wank, I’m sure you will find an acceptable scene relatively quickly. The pages are clean, and uncluttered, which definitely makes the site easier to navigate, but in this case, the minimalism of the site makes it seem very amateurishly conceived.


For a small site, they have a very sizeable library of material to choose from, and although the boys may all seem similar, there are some definite standouts that make you wanna watch more. With over 10,000 videos to choose from, has amassed a great collection of content over the last three years, and new updates are added almost on a daily bases. There are group, solo and duo scenes that are all about 20 minutes long, and can be watched on site or can be downloaded for later viewing. The site claims that some of the scenes are in HD, but unless Europe has a very different standard for HD, I have yet to find a video that looks higher quality. Most of the scenes have that grainy 1990s picture and the sound is extremely inconsistent sometimes even completely distorted by cheesy porn music. The videos can be easily downloaded in a few different sizes and are compatible with most players, but the streaming option seems to only be available for PC users. Most of the boys have their own photo layout of about 20 shots that can be downloaded in a zip file or can be viewed on site. The pictures are pretty generic, and while some help showcase the beauty of the model, many just look like afterthoughts. The photos are organized directly from the shoot, and the way they are displayed, really shows that very little thought has been paid to the details of the website.

Guys and Sex

While the technical aspects of are certainly nothing to get hard over, the boys definitely are the draw of the site. These yummy European twinks know how to have great sex and make sure that the audience is covered with a thick load before the scene has ended. Many of the scenes are shot out doors, at pools, in showers or in other more unusually places, which helps with the diversity of the site, and the guys really seem to love what they are doing. The scenarios have little to no build up to the sex, and in fact, a few just seem to be edited in mid copulation. The sex is very tame, and is more like love making between barely legal boys, but the guys all seem to be well endowed and know how to perform in front of the camera. The biggest problem is that the guys all look so similar, and with the low quality of the production, it is hard to differentiate between models. If you love European twinks this is not a negative aspect at all, but a little variety would surely help spice things up more. There are some stunning guys, and some great sex scenes, but digging through a sea of material to find the pearl, isn’t exactly my idea of a good jack off session.


At about $30 a month for membership this site seems to be a little more expensive than some of its competitors, but there are big discounts for longer packages. At $100 a year you can get access to all of the great videos and pictures, over 1,300 models, and the blog which keeps you up to date with new material and new boys, There aren’t any other bonus materials included with the cost, but with such a huge library of content and with constant new updates, this site is still worth the price of admission.

Overall Impression

I gotta say that I hate a generic site, and is really pushing the boundaries of boredom. With some pretty hot content, and such a huge catalogue of beautiful men, it sucks that no one took the time to really make the site something special. The videos look dated, and while hot sex is always gonna be hot sex, with so many other companies really giving a shit about making their product good, sites like this will no doubt falter because of the lack of commitment to presentation. Buy a good quality camera, point it at the hot guys, and upload them onto a well-organized, detail driven site, it really shouldn’t be that hard.

Bottom Line

The amateurish quality of the pictures and videos do little to highlight the beautiful men having some pretty fun sex on The site is dedicated to the young European twink, but the low quality technical aspects of the site hamper the success of an otherwise decent product.

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East Boys Site Details: What you get for your money

Update frequency: Daily

Exclusivity: 100%

Number of videos: 2,732 (avg. 15 minutes)

Maximum Video Resolution: 720x540

Videos have watermarks

Download limit: Yes

Video DRM: None

Video Formats: WM / MPEG / QT / POP / IPod

Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming

Number of pictures: 46,585

Pictures have watermarks

Only one picture size


Offers zip files

East Boys Free Videos 209 videos

East Boys

East Boys gay euro-boys video

East Boys

East Boys gay euro-boys video

East Boys

East Boys gay euro-boys video

East Boys

East Boys gay euro-boys video

East Boys

East Boys gay euro-boys video

East Boys

East Boys gay euro-boys video

Visit East Boys

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Monthly : $25.95

(recurrs at 23.95)

3 month: $79.95


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Some scenes include condomless sex

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