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Papi porn review


At, members enjoy Latin studs who love the party life.

Main Category: Latin Sex
Sub Categories: Hardcore Sex
Site type: Network (Huge Gay Pass)
Launched: February 2006
Reviewed: April 7, 2010
Facts Updated: April 9, 2010
Full Review of Papi by Track Apr 07, 2010
My Score: 70.5 Bookmark and Share

Forum Discussion

First Impression

I’m not really sure who came up with the title, but when you think papi, (or at least when I think papi), you think sexy tanned Latin boys dipped in oil ready to satisfy your every need. As hot as that may sound, this is not an all Latin site like the title suggests, but instead is a party cam, a’ la Boys Gone Wild, where the men take it a step further and end up sucking and plowing each other to a wet creamy finish. at times can be a surprisingly erotic and interesting site that is so much more than the URL suggests.


While there are a ton of ads and logos cluttering up the homepage, the site is pretty easy to navigate and allows you to get to the party action relatively quickly. There is a brief description about the scene that tells you what to expect, and once you click on the one you want, you are directed to the party page, which allows you to view screencaps, pictures and the movies themselves. The site isn’t that detailed, but then again, the scenes themselves are sort of a hodgepodge, free-for-all, so while you are getting some pretty hot sex, many of the scenes have long party buildups to the action. You are able to bypass much of the extra stuff by finding a screencaps of the things you want to see and downloading shorter segments or even minute long clips.


The site holds about 61 full-length scenes so far, and while the network seems to update every week, it looks as though this site has not been included in that rotation which is disappointing because this is definitely something unique and could be successful. Since the site mostly features big orgies and parties, the camera work is very amateurish and the sound quality suffers a lot because of the constant commotion at the venues where the films are shot, but these facts also make the site much more voyeuristic and really create the feel that the hot models are just having sex to please themselves and not for the camera. The videos do take some time to download, but the streaming option, which is compatible with most computers, allows you quick access to the hot party boys. The photo galleries provide endless pictures, which are pretty great quality, but they look like event shots as apposed to normal porn layouts. I appreciate that the site is truly trying to make the sex seem natural and unscripted, and I think the videography, photos and sound lend to that atmosphere, but it certainly isn’t something that everyone will appreciate.

Guys and Sex

Since this is a reality-based site, there are definitely some plus and minuses to the sex and the guys themselves. There is no makeup or great lighting to make these boys look flawless, but you do get a natural feel about the sex. . The parties usually start off with some horseplay and stripping, but after a few minutes, the boys begin to pair up or separate into groups until finally an all out fuckfest begins. The boys dance, make out, laugh, drink, pee in bottles, fuck, suck, rim, and do just about anything else a group of horny guys can think of to satisfy their appetites. The pairings seem to be based on who is into who, and the sex can be either extremely erotic or can fizzle out depending on what is going on. Many of the boys are lower rated porn stars and newcomers who just happened to show up to the party wanting to have sex, but they all seem to be enjoying themselves and are unconcerned about the cameras. The scenes stop and start and move locations and switch partners so often that it feels like you are getting a lot of action in one video, but just like in real life groups (so I’ve heard) there is an ebb and flow to the sex meaning that there are many lulls in the action. Most of the guys are younger, hungry little twinks looking for a good time, and while there are many Latin boys featured, they are definitely not the only focus. These are club boys willing to push there sexy asses up in the air and take the hottest cock offered them while others watch in delight.


The site is only $24 a month with apparently no recurring costs so it is definitely worth a look if you want to witness something a little more out side the porn box. The site hasn’t updated in what appears to be a long while, but you do get free access to two other similar sites as part of your membership deal. Other than the porn itself, there aren’t a whole lot of extra details or bonuses to make this site a standout, but the concept is certainly something intriguing and innovative.

Overall Impression

I love porn that pushes the envelope so to speak, and I appreciate sites that give you that little something extra that makes it unique. While I definitely don’t think the men or the sex or the site itself is something that makes me cream my pants with anticipation, I do like the overall concept and think if it was focused on properly and given the right attention could be something really special in the future. (Okay, that sounded like an Oprah book club review so I want to add in that I love young cock hungry guys who are willing to do anything to get off. Thanks Oprah!)

Bottom Line

The site features big parties that turn into small orgies. The models are tasty, and the sex is natural and unscripted, so anyone who is turned on by that approach to sex will certainly appreciate

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Papi Site Details: What you get for your money

Update frequency: Daily Network Updates

Exclusivity: 100%

Number of videos: 61 (avg. 80 minutes)

Maximum Video Resolution: 720x480

Videos have watermarks

Download limit: Yes

Video DRM: None

Video Formats: WM / MPEG

Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming

Number of galleries: 61 (avg. 300 pics per gallery)

Pictures have watermarks

Only one picture size

No slideshows

Offers zip files

Free Galleries from Papi 181 galleries

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Trial : $4.95 (3 days)

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Monthly : $24.95


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Condoms used in all or most scenes

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