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Teen Boys Island
Teen Boys Island porn review

Teen Boys Island

This site invites you to "spend a perfect sex vacation in the company of the adorable dwellers of Teen Boys Island," a tropical paradise of young, sexy boys who love hardcore fucking.

Main Category: Twinks 18+
Sub Categories: Amateur Boys, Hardcore Sex
Site type: Network (Spicy Twinks Club)
Launched: March 2009
Reviewed: April 28, 2010
Facts Updated: January 24, 2012
Full Review of Teen Boys Island by Joseph Apr 28, 2010
My Score: 68.0 Bookmark and Share

Forum Discussion

First Impression

If  I had the knowhow and energy to make a web site, I would make one that looks like this. The opening page is clean and bright, with an appealing looking teen island boy wearing a look that says, “Click enter and hang out with me and my balloon.” That’s not a euphemism, by the way, he’s really holding a balloon. The opening page also promises me, “The tropical paradise is inhabited by the sexiest twinks whose only dream is to please each other – and you.” As soon as you enter the site there’s a bevy of boys inviting you to keep going, including a video loop of some of the action you’ll see when you get into the site. I didn’t find any tour, but the page also tells you what the site offers without needing to click on any links.


There’s nothing too intricate about the layout of The home page is actually fairly ugly, with a lot of text giving you information about the site itself and what you can get with it. Along the top is the usual menu of what you can access on the site, and clicking on those links will give you what you’re looking for – sexy boys. There’s no search mechanism on the site, which bums me out, but there are pages of porn and pictures for you to look at. I will always prefer a site with a search versus sites that don’t have them, but this one – like others I’ve seen with no search mechanism – is a niche site. Theoretically, you’re going to go here to see sexy, young boys regardless of what they’re doing.

Content says it has high resolution photographs available on the site, but there’s nothing high-quality about these photos. They’re well-lit, and a majority of them are clear, but it seemed like the sexier photos were often at least a little (and sometimes more) blurry. You can view the photos in a slideshow and you can also download them in a zip file. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything better to say about the videos. Supposedly the videos come in high-definition, but I was only able to download in one format (WMV), and then when I watched it was definitely not in high definition. There was a slight distortion to the video, plus I had no sound at all. I checked several different places on my computer to make sure that the sound was turned on, but it seems like these videos don’t have sound either. The material is completely exclusive to the site, so you’re not going to find it anywhere else. There are more than 100 videos and about that many photo galleries available here, and the site boasts updates every three days, so there’s always more coming.

Guys and Sex

Because this is a niche market, you’re either going to really like the models on the site or you’re just not going to like them that much. They’re all young with great smiles and decent bodies. I scrolled through looking at the available videos and they’re all on their own, touching themselves. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but here I am, doing it anyway. Most of the boys on this site didn’t seem that into what they were doing either. I watched one video where I don’t think the guy was even jerking off – he was just lazily touching himself. It’s nice to watch, don’t get me wrong, but if you’re looking for a good site to watch some hot sex, this doesn’t have any at all. The guys don’t always seem that into what they’re doing. I did see a video with a guy who was enjoying jerking off, but the guys seemed almost bored in the other videos I watched.


Buying membership to this site gets you the standard content. After thirty days it also gets you access to other sites. There’s one stipulation to this, however, and that’s the fact that you can only have access to each of these sites for 25 days. You get access to a new site every month, and after six months you’ll have had access to all six. Other than that, this site doesn’t offer you anything other than the actual pictures and photos. Since you can get access to this site by buying membership to others, I think it might be a better deal to become a member somewhere else and then just take advantage of the 25 days of access to this site when that time comes.

Overall Impression

I feel like this site was a good idea that went wrong. It comes from the same people who brought us and other teen boys sites, and it’s possible it would have been a better idea to just focus on those instead of starting a new one. I wouldn’t recommend getting membership to this site, even if young guys are your thing. As I’ve already said, I’d suggest getting membership to a different site through the same company and then taking advantage of having access to this one. The content isn’t that special, both because the guys are mostly doing the same thing (touching themselves lazily) and because the quality of the videos and photographs just isn’t there.

Bottom Line

There are better sites to go to if you’re into this kind of thing, but it's not a bad site.

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Teen Boys Island Site Details: What you get for your money

Update frequency: No Recent Updates

Exclusivity: 100%

Number of videos: 74 (avg. 5 minutes)

Maximum Video Resolution: 720x548

Videos have watermarks

Download limit: None

Video DRM: None

Video Formats: WM

Video Type: Downloadable

Number of galleries: 80 (avg. 150 pics per gallery)

Pictures have watermarks

Only one picture size

No slideshows

Offers zip files

Free Galleries from Teen Boys Island 745 galleries

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