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Category: DVD Porn
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Nude Male
Nude Male porn review

Nude Male brings live gorgeous men who dance and strip, showing off their bodies on 24/7 live cams.

Main Category: Live Webcams
Sub Categories: General Porn, Masturbation
Site type: Network (Next Door World)
Launched: December 2007
Reviewed: May 6, 2010
Facts Updated: December 2, 2011
Full Review of Nude Male by Joseph May 06, 2010
My Score: 72.0 Bookmark and Share

Forum Discussion

First Impression

This site is exactly what it says it is. Streaming from the stage of Stockbar in Montreal, this site features live and recorded dancers performing for you, the viewer, 24 hours a day. is visually noisy, but once you focus in on the dancing, you won’t notice anything else around it. I have to respect t a web site that is exactly what it says it is, and is a bunch of nude male dancers, or male dancers working their way to nude.


There’s no need for a search function on this site, and very little need of any real organization either. As I already said, is a busy site, but once your eyes lock in on the action, you’ll stop noticing all of the other stuff. Beneath the streaming video is a live chat function. I had to download a newer version of java to access this, so if you can’t decide whether or not to get the java as well, that’s what you’re missing.


There are two different kinds of photos on this site, none of which you can download in a zip file, unfortunately. The first photo galleries you can get is from clicking to see information about the individual dancers. You can view photos of them as well as videos featuring them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any of the players to work, so no streaming video for me, and no downloads available at all. The other photo gallery includes pictures taken while the guys are dancing. These photos generally aren’t very high quality, the lighting is obviously very bizarre, but if you get off to dancers, then these photos are going to be really good for you. As far as I could tell, none of the videos were available for download. There are videos embedded throughout the site that you can watch streaming, but I was unable to get any of them to work, with the exception for the streaming video of the dancers on the main page. The camera work on this is perfectly reasonable. The camera does move, but there were times where the dancer would move out of range of the camera, and you wouldn’t see anything for a few seconds, but then he’d come back.

Guys and Sex

The guys are all hot on this site. They all have nice bodies, important for a dancer, but not necessary either. There’s obviously no sex to be seen at, but there’s dancing a-plenty. Or at least, there’s what these guys must think is dancing. I’m not that great of a dancer, I’ll admit, but neither are these guys. One guy I saw while I was watching basically just strutted up and down the stage area, pushing his pants down and then pulling them back up again. There’s also supposed to be video of a jerk off room where the guys prep their members so they’re nice and hard when they come out on stage. I saw a lot of this video while watching recorded footage waiting for the live show to start, but when the real show was going on, I saw a lot of the audience and a lot of empty stage, but no jerk off room.


As far as I could tell, buying membership to gets you access to that site and some of the other Buddy Profit websites. There are also some DVDs you can stream, but not a lot. The rest you’d have to pay for. I reckon buying membership to this site is cheaper than going out to a strip club every night, and that’s not including the cost of alcohol, but I don’t know that it’s worth spending much money on. The action is live 9pm to 2am local time, and when it’s the other 19 hours of the day, previously recorded footage is constantly screened. Mostly thanks to the jerk off cam, I found the recorded footage far more interesting than the live stuff.

Overall Impression

If your thing is dancers, then this site is for you, but there really isn’t much other than that. The nature of the beast means that the lighting is pretty bad, so it’s sometimes hard to see what’s even going on. And a lot of times there is nothing going on. I’m sure other people will have better luck with getting some of that other video to stream, but I worry that someone is going to spend their hard-earned money on the site and then find that they too can’t stream those videos. That kind of cash can certainly be better spent handing over to slicked up naked men, or overpriced beers at a real club. Of course, if you really want to get your eyes on some sexy male dancers, and this is the only way you can do it, I think the site will be worth it. If you have access to a club like this, I’d say use your cash for weekly or biweekly trips there. I’ve seen nude male dancers before. It’s always better in person.

Bottom Line

If this kind of dancing ever showed up on one of my favorite dance shows, the person doing it would be laughed off the stage. Then again, if I’m ever in Montreal, I will definitely make Stockbar one of the stops on my tour.

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Nude Male Site Details: What you get for your money

Update frequency: Daily Network Updates

Exclusivity: 100%

Number of videos: 145 (avg. 10 minutes)

Maximum Video Resolution: 720x480

Videos have watermarks

Download limit: None

Video DRM: None

Video Formats: WM

Video Type: Downloadable

Number of pictures: 332

Pictures have watermarks

Only one picture size

No slideshows

No zip files


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Trial : $2.95 (3 days)

(recurrs at 29.95)

Monthly : $29.95


3 month: $68.85


· Safety Level ·

Condoms used in all or most scenes

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· Company ·

Zubb Media

Sites: 23 sites listed

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