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Raw Gay Bears
Raw Gay Bears porn review

Raw Gay Bears

Raw Gay Bears features a nice archive of hardcore porn showing off those hairy bears we all love.

Main Category: Bears
Sub Categories: Hardcore Sex
Site type: Network (All Gay Sites Pass)
Launched: April 2005
Reviewed: December 28, 2011
Facts Updated: March 16, 2012
Full Review of Raw Gay Bears by Stephen Dec 28, 2011
My Score: 79.5 Bookmark and Share

Forum Discussion

First Impression

There are two things you must keep in mind about  Firstly, don't get attached to the guest home page because it's just a placemat (more on that later).  Secondly, you must remember that "raw" is one of my porn religions and "bear" is one of my porn religions, so putting "raw" and "bear" in the same site should be, like, the über-porn religion, right?


The first impression of Raw Gay Bears is kind of hokey, to be honest.  Front and center at the guest home page is one dude riding another dude cowboy-style, but literally wearing a cowboy hat.  It's like literary realism without any of the literary.  That image, combined with the brown background and other muted yellow colors, invokes more of a Western-themed paysite as opposed to OMG RAW GAY BEARS (sorry, I'm getting excited thinking about what I'll find therein).  Mercifully, one members log in, all that hokey-ness goes away and what's left are a bunch of raw gay bears.  And, actually, a network site as logging in to Raw Gay Bears actually logs guests in to All Gay Sites Pass (again, more on this later).  That icky  brown color (seriously, who is choosing brown as a design color for websites devoted to gay sex?) remains but it's easy to look past.

Site navigation is largely simple, though slightly muddled.  The home page for Raw Gay Bears' section of All Gay Sites Pass is actually somewhat confusing.  Often with network sites, the navigation bar at the top of the page navigates for the entire network site, not the specific site.  In this case, the navigation bar is for the specific site.  It's refreshingly easy to use, but it took me a couple of minutes to realize that; I couldn't believe that Raw Gay Bears only had a handful of videos to watch.  The buttons on the navigation bar are simply described:  network sites, bonus sites, bonus videos…all these are painfully obvious.  The only one that is somewhat vague is the one I'm most interested in:  "Browse" is what I want to click to look at all the videos.  It took me a second, but eventually I got there.


I personally am not a fan of the layout of the videos; for me, it's a little blocky and a little big.  I like my video updates to be a bit more streamlined, ideally with a video description I can also read.  One thing I do like with the video layout is how the videos can be sorted:  alphabetical or reverse alphabetical, chronological or reverse chronological, most viewed, or best rated.  At this point, I don't think I should have to remind you that checking the best rated videos are the best way to go.  If you need to be told that, then I have this bridge you might be interested in buying.  Don't worry, you can have sex with it.

Viewing the videos at Raw Gay Bears is kind of a delight.  I'm not one for downloading videos.  It sounds weird, but I don't like to clutter my hard drive with porn.  Rather, I prefer to stream my porn from the paysite.  It's a quirk, but there you go.  Anyway, at Raw Gay Bears, that's the first thing you see for each video: the streaming option.  This means I don't have to wade through the treacle (is treacle something you can actually wade through?) to find the streaming option.  For those of you more interested in the downloads, there are quite a few options for you:  there are 4 WMV options (small, medium, high, and hi-def), and two MP4 options, both regular and hi-def.  Picture content is sadly lacking; there is no original content, just screencaps.  Viewing the photo content is possibly the awesomest thing I've ever seen, at any site, ever.  Clicking on a picture takes you to that picture, obviously.  But there are next and previous buttons to advance throughout he pictures, the option to start a slideshow as well as choose the viewing speed, and a dropdown menu to jump to desired pictures, And there's an option to download them all in a zip file.  I've never experience as many picture viewing options as I have here.  It's sad that this amazing-ness is wasted on screenshots.

Guys and Sex

The quality of the productions…you guys, I want to have nothing but good things to say about the the content's quality at this site.  I mean, I've already made it clear how I feel about "raw" and "bears".  Perhaps I got my hopes up, but some of the content at Raw Gay Bears is somewhat…laughable.  In the first video I watched, the models were playing "Seattle-opoly" before they got to anything.  Seriously.  Seattle-opoly.  And that kind of camp would be much appreciated, if that's where the laughs ended.  But also in that video, the music sounded like it was composed for a virginity-offering teen on a second-rate CW show.  Also in that video, no one actually had sex.  And that's a part that really confuses me, to be completely honest.    In some of the videos, the models actually have anus-penetrating sex, and it's hot.  Some of them are just oral and that's pretty good too.  But there are some videos that look like really artsy softcore porn, and that's not really what I expected, or what I wanted.  It's a bit of a letdown.  However, the models are hot.  There is, legitimately, every iteration of a "bear" on this website:  heavier ones, hairy ones, young ones, old ones…I really mean it.  Short of finding an actual grizzly, you'll find 'em all here.


Bonus content is wickedly obvious:  guests have access to the entire All Gay Sites Pass network site, in which sites such as Black Gays Hardcore, Teen Gay Club and Just Gay Hardcore can be found, among others.  Additionally, there are 30+ other bonus sites (some of which are bi, some of which are tray) as well as a plethora of bonus videos.

Bottom Line

Raw Gay Bears verges on the brink of being a fantastic site, but it suffers on the most basic level:  providing a consistently quality level of content.  However, what's good is very, very good.  And if you can't find what you want at Raw Gay bears, well…check the extras.  There's something there.

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Raw Gay Bears Site Details: What you get for your money

Update frequency: Daily Network Updates

Exclusivity: Some Exclusive Material

Number of videos: 127 (avg. 20 minutes)

Maximum Video Resolution: 640x480

Download limit: None

Video DRM: None

Video Formats: WM / MPEG / Flash

Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming

Number of galleries: 170 (avg. 150 pics per gallery)

Only one picture size

No slideshows

Offers zip files

Raw Gay Bears Free Videos 62 videos

Raw Gay Bears

Raw Gay Bears gay bears video

Raw Gay Bears

Raw Gay Bears gay bears video

Raw Gay Bears

Raw Gay Bears gay bears video

Raw Gay Bears

Raw Gay Bears gay bears video

Raw Gay Bears

Raw Gay Bears gay bears video

Raw Gay Bears

Raw Gay Bears gay bears video
Free Galleries from Raw Gay Bears 230 galleries

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