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Fresh SX
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Category: DVD Porn
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Bait Buddies
Bait Buddies porn review

Bait Buddies

Bait Buddies is a site where curious straight gets get convinced by their gay buddies to try out some cock for the very first time.

Main Category: Str8 Bait
Sub Categories: Hardcore Sex
Site type: Pay Site
Launched: November 2004
Reviewed: October 21, 2011
Facts Updated: October 21, 2011
Full Review of Bait Buddies by Track Oct 21, 2011
My Score: 80.5 Bookmark and Share

Forum Discussion

First Impression

Throughout history of gay porn there has always been a fascination with gay guys seducing straight guys into having sex with them. It is sorta like the final frontier of conquests that validates that when it comes to hot sex, nothing is off limits. is an amateur site that features stunning men who are coaxed into having sex with a gay partner. Of course the fantasy only goes so far especially knowing that the dudes are getting paid to be there, but if the site is done right and you can look past the obvious staged aspects of the scene, you may find that the erotic fantasy can be a total turn on. This site does a good job at keeping the mystery about who is straight and what they are willing to do. There are some awkward moments that make the scenes seem more believable, and if your suspension of disbelief is really well honed, you might just fall for the premise. There are always those recognizable faces from porn that tip off that this is completely fake, but for the most part, does a good job at pulling an audience into a hot taboo sex scenario.

Navigation has a very simplistic layout that is user friendly and allows the members to easily find all of the material they want to see. You can search the site by video type, date, most viewed or by model, and highlighted key words help you find similar scenes featuring the same men. Click on the nicely shot thumbnail picture and you are directed to the scene page where a brief description lets you know what you are in store for. You can rate each scene and can view the photo gallery from this page, and you have the option to stream or download to your computer using a few different methods. Each model has a stats page, with a brief bio, and users can leave comments about the scenes or the models themselves. The site is clean, simple to use and very effective for an amateur site, and will have you coming back for more.


There are already 204 scenes on with new updates added every week so there is always something fresh to appreciate on this site. Mostly the scenes take place on ragged porn issued couches, which gets a bit tedious after a while, but sometimes the scenery is switched up to keep the action lively. One of my biggest criticisms about this site, as with most straight/bait sites, is the extensively long set up into the sex. It would be one thing if the guys were trying to talk each other into fucking, but when you have an off camera voice doing all the work for the first 8 minutes of a 20 minute long scene it gets really, really boring. I always say that if you wanna be in the scene, take off your clothes, get your cock hard and start fucking, otherwise shut the hell up and let the guys you are paying perform. The erotic part about a straight seduction is when the other guy is doing the seducing, not the producer or site creator spilling out the same lame excuse over and over again to try to get the guys to interact. That being said, once the guys start fucking, the sex is hot and will certainly keep you entertained right up until the last cum soaked minute. The scenes are shot in HD so they have a pretty clear picture, although the camera work is a bit shaky and it would be nice if the action were a little more spontaneous and not so planned out. Each scene comes with a simple photo shoot that doesn’t really add that much to the site. The galleries need to be edited and 15 really nice, erotic, detailed shots would do a lot more than 150 mediocre stills with uninteresting and unimaginative angles and set ups. Also, if you are shooting during the scene buy a filter camera that doesn’t flash every two seconds and make that noise. I mean come on! This is your business dudes, invest in some good equipment.

Guys and Sex

This is the place where really shines because they have hired some really hot models to be part of their site. Of course, as I stated before there are always those familiar porn faces that you see on every site, but there are also some great first timers who quickly learn how to perform in front of the camera. Now because this is straight/bait site, there is very little kissing or foreplay which for me is the best part of a scene, but to stick with the theme of the site, the guys just jump right into sucking and then fucking without a lot of chemistry or interaction. The men do a nice job at still keeping up the “straight” front while they are balls deep into a dude’s ass, which is hot, and while the sex is far from being intense and intimate, the guys still make it hot. Unfortunately the guy talking off screen is a huge boner killer both for the audience and the performers, but I guess that is just a mistake that you have to live with when it comes to amateur porn.

Value has a unique payment system, which I think is pretty ingenious. First you can get membership to the site for a monthly payment of $22.50, which allows you full access to all of the material, live shows, and new updates, and there are discounts for longer sign up periods. There is also a Pay-As-You-Go option, which I wish that more websites would incorporate into their operations. You can buy credits and just download the scenes you want to see. Of course this option is more expensive, but it allows members to pick and choose the exact material that turns them on. is definitely worth a monthly membership, but I do love the credit option.

Overall Impression

I really wanna like because I think that the men are stunning and the sex is pretty great. I love the organizational aspects of the site, I like the payment options and I think that the price is great for the amount of material that you get. The biggest drawback is the lackluster production. The photos should be better, the scenery should have more variety and the sex could have some uniqueness as well to really make this site a standout. Most importantly the creator of this site should step back and let the boys perform. How would you like to go see Avatar and have to listen to James Cameron make comments through the entire film? You wouldn’t so shut the hell up and let the sex speak for itself.

Bottom Line

This is a well organized high-end amateur site that is certainly worth the cost of admission. There are some technical problems with the presentation and the scenarios get a little monotonous after a while, but over all this is a nice attempt at straight/bait porn.

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Bait Buddies Site Details: What you get for your money

Update frequency: Weekly

Exclusivity: 100%

Number of videos: 204 (avg. 30 minutes)

Maximum Video Resolution: 1280x720

Download limit: None

Video DRM: None

Video Formats: WM / Flash / HD / POP / IPod

Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming

Number of galleries: 204 (avg. 250 pics per gallery)

Pictures have watermarks

Only one picture size

No slideshows

Offers zip files

Free Galleries from Bait Buddies 190 galleries

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Trial : $14.95 (3 days) Monthly : $26.50


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Condoms used in all or most scenes

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