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College Dudes
College Dudes porn review

College Dudes

Formerly College Dudes 24/7, this site is all young college hotties all the time. You can enjoy exclusive content and even interact with these collegiate studs here.

Main Category: Jocks/Frat Boys
Sub Categories: Hardcore Sex, Masturbation
Site type: Pay Site
Launched: February 2007
Reviewed: April 7, 2010
Facts Updated: October 13, 2011
Full Review of College Dudes by Joseph Apr 07, 2010
My Score: 85.8 Bookmark and Share

Forum Discussion

First Impression

I didn’t have high hopes for this site at first, because I was expecting a lot of guys playing video games, eating chips and pizza, and drinking Mountain Dew out of the bottle. As it turns out, college can be more fun than my own personal college experience, and that’s what looks like it’s going to be. The tour is cool because it shows you exactly what a page on the site is going to look like. I like this tour because it gives me a lot of information about the site. It’s like me, only visual.


Logging into brings you to a page that shows you all the guys you can see on the site, and not to the homepage. I went over there to look around for a search mechanism but couldn’t find anything there that would make finding a specific taste any easier to find. The pages that you look at, regardless of which one you’re on, are tidy and easy to navigate through, but without that search function, it won’t be as simple as it could be as you search.


The photos on this site are really awesome. The lighting is very well done, the pictures are crystal clear and everything down to the details is beautiful. You can look at the pictures in a slideshow, but you have to advance each one. There’s also no option to download a zip file of photos – you have to save each one individually if you want to keep them. The lighting of the videos is a little weird, though. These college guys just seemed unusually pale, and unless these are all students from the University of Alaska. The camera work is actually really good – it's very steady and always easy to watch, plus the action is never blurry. There are several options available for downloading the videos, in addition to streaming them. You can download for Windows Media Player, Quicktime and iPods/iPhones. There are over 150 models with photo galleries, though it’s hard to count how many videos there are. Some guys only have one video on his page, others have three or four. I tried to count how many there are, but I never got past college algebra. All of the footage is exclusive to College Dudes 24/7 and it’s updated every three days or so. For some perspective, this is more frequently than most college dudes go to class, so we should all take a moment to be impressed at that dedication.

Guys and Sex

The guys are pretty hot. They’re real college students, so some are hotter than others, but that’s what makes College Dudes 24/7 so interesting. These could be the dudes you sat by in PSY 101 and slept next to in ENG 201. I didn’t see a whole lot of variation in the kinds of guys you’ll see, but that’s to be pretty expected with a website that features guys who are all around the same age. I didn’t see too many twinks here, and I was expecting a lot of twink action. It seems like these guys are future burly man pornstars in the making, unless they can find something else to do with their liberal arts degrees. The best part about this site is that the guys are really fucking into it. In my imagination, everybody always enjoys every part of sex all the time, but I guess if you’re a pornstar, giving a blowjob can be as boring as waiting tables. I guess. These guys didn’t seem bored, and that meant that I was also not bored at all. The sex you’ll see follows the traditional standards, but that just means you’ll see what you like to see.


Buying membership to College Dudes 24/7 does not get you closer to earning your online degree, but it does give you access to another community of watchers just like yourself. As a member of the site you can create a profile and communicate with other members. You also have access to outtakes and bloopers from the making of the videos, so when you want more than just a spank session but a laugh session as well, you can use those. Each college dude’s page has a blog for him, and it gives you the opportunity to comment on and to him, as well as leave him message and even request different pics and poses. This is possibly the best thing about this site – I haven’t seen any others where you can send a message to a model and ask him to do something, so it’s pretty cool that you can do that here. Plus, when I was in college, I couldn’t get any of the dudes there to do anything for me, ever.

Bottom Line

This site makes me want to go back to college.

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College Dudes Site Details: What you get for your money

Update frequency: Twice/Three Times a Week

Exclusivity: 100%

Number of videos: 500 (avg. 20 minutes)

Maximum Video Resolution: 960x540

Videos have watermarks

Download limit: None

Video DRM: None

Video Formats: WM / QT / POP / IPod

Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming

Number of galleries: 500 (avg. 50 pics per gallery)

Pictures have watermarks

Only one picture size

No slideshows

No zip files

Exclusive College Dudes Picture Galleries 8 picture galleries
College Dudes Free Videos 1,687 videos

College Dudes

Hayden Carter gay jocks/frat boys video from College Dudes
Model: Hayden Carter video

College Dudes

Troy Gabriel, Kurt Wild gay jocks/frat boys video from College Dudes
Models: Troy Gabriel video
Kurt Wild video

College Dudes

Troy Gabriel, Kurt Wild gay jocks/frat boys video from College Dudes
Models: Troy Gabriel video
Kurt Wild video

College Dudes

College Dudes gay jocks/frat boys video

College Dudes

Tony Falco, Colin Stride gay jocks/frat boys video from College Dudes
Models: Tony Falco video
Colin Stride video

College Dudes

Tom Faulk gay jocks/frat boys video from College Dudes
Model: Tom Faulk video
Free Galleries from College Dudes 1,038 galleries

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