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Category: DVD Porn
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A twist on the straight CFNM fetish, CMNM features a group of clothed men stripping down and violating one unsuspecting straight guy.

Main Category: All Fetishes
Sub Categories: Amateur Boys, BDSM, Hardcore Sex, Str8 Bait
Site type: Pay Site
Launched: November 2009
Reviewed: January 10, 2011
Facts Updated: January 10, 2011
Full Review of by Stephen Jan 10, 2011
My Score: 70.0 Bookmark and Share

Forum Discussion

First Impression

When I joined the soccer team in high school, it required a physical--as all high school sports do.  My teenaged mind was both looking forward to this and dreading it.  Until this point, I'd never been naked in front of anyone (other than when my parents changed my diaper or bathed me as a kid) and I was worried I might get inappropriately excited.  At the same time, this was the first time I'd ever be naked in front of someone other than when my parents.  Knowing that I'd be standing in front of a doctor, naked so that he could do the hernia test, seemed kind of illicit.  Knowing that he could violate me (if he wanted to) was sorta hot.

So there's  CMNM stands for "Clothed Male, Nude Male".  The site is solely about one guy, stripped down to nothing, while a bunch of guys in clothes do…well, whatever they want to him.  And that is kind of hot.


The home page is pretty simple:  white background with a few pictures of a naked guy being violated in one way or another by clothed guys.  Belying the depraved nature of the content, there's something kind of wholesome about the tableau.  There's a preview video at the bottom of the page that gives guests a taste of what's inside.

Logging in, the site design changes, but not in a bad way.  Rather than completely abandon it's guest page design, the site just expands upon it.  Colors are added and enhanced, all in a way to bring your eyes to all the right places.  The navigation is fairly easy but at the same time, there's a lot going on.  On the homepage, the updates seem to go on forever and ever.  Homepages should be just enough to whet your whistle and make you want to dive in for more.  Luckily, at the top of the page, viewers can select "updates" or "see all man".  The first takes you to a list of all the videos, who's in them, and what happened to them (men can either be stripped, wanked or violated).  The latter shows pictures of all the naked men for you to choose from, in addition to where in their journey they are (again: stripped, wanked or violated).

This navigation is helpful but at the same time, the only one that really works is "see all man."  Everything else is just a bit too long.  I shouldn't have to endlessly scroll to get through your updates.


Content delivery is kind of iffy.  Some of the videos can be streamed online and some of them can't.  What really sucks about that is that videos can only be downloaded in WMV format, so if you're a Mac user or if you have an operating system that isn't Windows, you're kinda screwed unless you download Windows Media Player.  There are plenty of pictures available for viewer perusal, but they're all just screenshots of the video.  Additionally, there's no bulk download option, so viewers can only view them online in a slideshow format or download them one by one.

Guys and Sex

All these naked guys?  Are pretty hot.  I'm a pretty picky guy, and I found something attractive in all of them.  What's give or take are the people violating the naked guys.  At times, all you really need to see is the naked guy being taken advantage of, but at the same time, you sometimes want it to be by someone attractive.  Also, occasionally the guys are violated by women which is…definitely not what I look for in gay porn.  The content is also a bit hit or miss as well.  While the draw behind this this site is clearly having control taken away from you, it would also be nice to see some anal penetration--by an actual penis.


Unfortunately, CMNM doesn't offer any added bonus sites.  Too bad, because I can think of a couple of websites that would go well with it.

Bottom Line

CMNM has its flaws, but it's also not without its merits.  If you're the type of guy who gets off on power and having it taken away, this is the site for you.

Visit Site Details: What you get for your money

Update frequency: Twice/Three Times a Week

Exclusivity: 100%

Number of videos: 46 (avg. 10 minutes)

Maximum Video Resolution: 768x432

Videos have watermarks

Download limit: Yes

Video DRM: None

Video Formats: WM / Flash

Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming

Number of galleries: 46 (avg. 60 pics per gallery)

Pictures have watermarks

Only one picture size


No zip files



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Monthly : $39.95

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