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Huge Gay Pass
Huge Gay Pass porn review

Huge Gay Pass

Huge Gay Pass is just that: a huge pass to tons of exclusive hardcore gay porn. Access to several hardcore sites in various niches are included with membership.

Main Category: Network
Sub Categories: Amateur Boys, Latin Sex
Site type: Network (3 sites listed)
Launched: August 2006
Reviewed: November 5, 2010
Facts Updated: November 5, 2010
Full Review of Huge Gay Pass by Stephen Nov 05, 2010
My Score: 82.0 Bookmark and Share

Forum Discussion

First Impression

The header on the guest home page for is interesting.  There are a lot of homos doing a lot of homo things, but then there are...women?  What?  What's going on here?  Can you read me?  Am I online?  But honestly, this makes me want to log in and see what's going on because I love watching bisexual sex so I want to see if that's what it's going to be.  Allso, the guys in the header are pretty hot and I like the "random snapshot" aspect of it all.  This is definitely amateur matreial, but in a fun way. Entering the website, I see that Huge Gay Pass encompasses three websites total: (ooh, I love Latinos!), (I like cherry poppin'!)  I was not expecting that, so I guess it definitely is a surprise.


Logging in, it seems as though Huge Gay Pass favors Boys First Time.  At the members homepage are 378 videos from Boys First Time that can be sorted by date or popularity.  Other than that, I don't see any updates from Papi or Tranny Surprise (to be honest, I giggle every time I write "Tranny Surprise" because it seems like a dessert you'd find at a gay bar or something).  Scrolling to the bottom of the page, I see "Bonus Sites" that Huge Gay Pass offers:  Boys First Time, Tranny Surprise and Papi.  This is more than a little confusing, because why wouldn't the hub site show updates from all it's subsites?  Not to mention, clicking on the links to these "bonus" sites (how are they bonus sites if they fall under the domain of Huge Gay Pass) opens the sites up in new windows and> you have to log in again.  I find this just kind of annoying.  I'm already logged in to one site, why do I have to keep logging in to other sites?  But I'm young, so I forebear.


At each site, the layout and content styles are nearly identical, just enough differences to know that you're at a different site.  At each site, members can click on the "Updates" link at the top of the page and be taken to...well, the updates.  For each movie, there is the option to watch the full movie or view screencaps.  There is no original photo content.  The videos can be streamed online but as for downloading there are no specific options other than right-click and save-as.

Guys and Sex

The quality of the content is, obviously, where most of the differences lie.  The guys for Boys First Time and Papi are pretty hot.  The boys at Tranny Surprise are pretty average.  In saying that, I'm not talking about the trannies, I'm talking about the boys with toys who fuck the chicks with dicks.  The trannies themselves are surprisingly attractive.  I don't mean to sound insensitive, but the trannies actually look like beautiful women...just with penises.  That is to say, they don't look like guys who had boob jobs or women who replaced vag with penis.  it's uncanny, really.  Also surprisingly is the sex.  Across the board, the sex is pretty boner-inspiring, even the tranny stuff (I'm not really into tranny porn personally, but even I can tell that the sex in these videos is hot about 80% of the time).  Of the three sites, my personal preference is Papi, just because it seemed a little rougher than the other two (though to be honest, those trannies are taking it pretty hard).


While I don't know why people would look for extras at a site featuring three totally separate sites, there is one little bonus.  Members of Huge Gay Pass receive special promotional offers to (where you can see all the pictures and movies that Facebook and YouTube won't let you put up and honestly, I want to see them), Suite703 (another gay network site) and (which needs no further explanation and let me just say that college was not like that when I went, but God do I wish it had been!).

Bottom Line is one of the better network sites I've seen.  Perhaps it can work on the site design and navigation for the actual network site and work on not having to re-navigate to get to its subsites but overall you can't really miss here.

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Huge Gay Pass Site Details: What you get for your money

Update frequency: Daily Network Updates

Exclusivity: 100%

Number of videos: 380 (avg. 30 minutes)

Maximum Video Resolution: 720x480

Videos have watermarks

Download limit: Yes

Video DRM: None

Video Formats: WM / MPEG / Flash / POP / IPod

Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming

Number of galleries: 5,280 (avg. 3500 pics per gallery)

Pictures have watermarks

Only one picture size

No slideshows

Offers zip files

Free Galleries from Huge Gay Pass 254 galleries

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Trial : $4.95 (3 days)

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Monthly : $24.95


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Condoms used in all or most scenes

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