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Category: DVD Porn
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Barebacked porn review

Barebacked brings tons of hardcore bareback action by men who love to fuck rough and dirty.

Main Category: Cream Pies
Sub Categories: Cum Shots, Group Sex, Hardcore Sex
Site type: Pay Site
Launched: April 2006
Reviewed: July 26, 2010
Facts Updated: July 26, 2010
Full Review of Barebacked by Stephen Jul 26, 2010
My Score: 58.0 Bookmark and Share

Forum Discussion

First Impression

When it comes to the gay world, there are three sacred taboos you just don't mess with:  straight guys, incest (generally of the daddy/son variety) and bareback.  Surprisingly, there is a lot that goes into bareback sex in order to make it hot.  You can't just take a penis and an anus, throw 'em in the sack and expect cum to fly.  You need guys who are not only passionate about sex, but passionate about bareback.  Not to mention that, at its basest, bareback sex is kind of about the sleaze factor.  Bareback is generally associated with sluttiness, so…the metaphorically dirtier, the better (and sometimes the literally dirtier the better…you ever watch guys who are all greasy from working on cars do it? It’s hot). does its best to meet this unsaid expectation, and sometimes they really hit it.  More often than not, they don’t.


The site itself has a somewhat muddled layout.  Just looking at it, it’s a bit difficult to figure out where to find the videos.  I’m a pretty smart guy, but it took me a good five minutes to find all of the videos (as opposed to the four top-rated scenes posted on the homepage).  The homepage features a welcome letter from Bob, the founder of Barebacked, as well as a quick paragraph about what’s new at the site  These features are perhaps a bit outdated, as they insinuate that the site is new, when the videos on the site date back to March 2007.  There’s also a list that you can peruse to click on any of the videos, but this is just a list:  there are no pictures, no descriptions, just generic titles such as “Anal Cum Booyah” and “Butter His Asshole.”  All the viewer gets out of that is cum in the ass.  Well, videos of somebody else getting cum in the ass.


Barebacked offers six different sections apart from the homepage.  The first of these is “BBD content” which is where I finally found the videos (the thumbnail insinuates that you’ll only be looking at a gallery, not given the choice between video and pictures).  The videos try their hardest to be the kind of seedy porn you want to watch to feel sleazy and sometimes they knock it out of the park (their video of their very first double cream pie is amazing), but sometimes the effort is lackluster.  The models are fairly ordinary, the video quality is amateur and sometimes the fucking is a bit lackadaisical.  The videos, which you can only watch using Windows Media Player, are at their hottest when the top actually cums inside the bottom.  Each video comes with a video gallery of screenshots as well, so if you’re looking or an abbreviated version, you can page through there as well.  Additionally, when watching the videos, you can choose between lo and high broadband options.

Other sections include “Live Cam” which doesn’t actually feature live cams of any of the models; however, it’s a resource link to other websites where live cams are featured.  The same goes for “Bonus Videos” and “V.O.D.” (Video On Demand) which don’t give any extra videos or photo sets, but do give links to other websites where you would need to pay more in order to see more.  The final two sections are mostly superfluous:  About Us (I can sum it up in one word:  bareback) and Support which is, obviously, tech and user support.  Neither of these sections are really needed, nor do they require such prominent placing on the homepage.


The site offers little to nothing by way of extras or anything to that effect.  For a website that boasts to be run by avid porn lovers devoted to bringing quality gay content, the site is a bit run of the mill; there’s nothing unique to it.  Perhaps if Barebacked wanted to increase the quality of its site, a renovation would be in order or, perhaps, attempting to diversify their models (there seem to be three or four models that are consistently used; nice work if you can get it, but spread the wealth!).

Bottom Line

The site is a good training area for people who are just getting into more hardcore sex.  Anything more than that, and the site is lacking, just like the condoms on its tops.

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Barebacked Site Details: What you get for your money

Update frequency: Twice a Month

Exclusivity: 100%

Number of videos: 100 (avg. 20 minutes)

Maximum Video Resolution: 720x480

Videos have watermarks

Download limit: None

Video DRM: None

Video Formats: WM

Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming

Number of galleries: 100 (avg. 200 pics per gallery)

Multiple picture sizes

No slideshows

No zip files

Free Galleries from Barebacked 129 galleries

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Trial : $2.95 (2 days)

(recurrs at 39.95)

Monthly : $25.00


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A majority or all scenes are bareback sex

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