Southern Strokes: Hot tattooed rocker James Lock

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We found Bruce Springsteen’s son in Austin, TX lookin just as hot as ever with his jeans, leather and chains.  James Lock loves cars almost as much as he loves his rock and roll.  He has piercing blue eyes that can get lost in all his accessories but none the less he can give a look that will drop you to your knees. James Lock is 5’8” tall with a nice worked out body.  Let’s start with his broad square shoulders and work our way down to his hot defined chest with just a tuff of hair going down the center but stopping before getting to his nice and natural happy trail.  James works hard on his body and it shows he also has amazingly beautiful skin. James took us back to his high school prom night when his girlfriend decided that she wanted to see him get head from another guy.  James did exactly what any horny 17 year old would do and jumped in the car and dropped his drawers so that his buddy could take James’ load down his throat while his girl looked on. James took off his pants revealing his semi-hard cock with hair in all the right places.  James is a lefty so he grabbed his cock in his fist and started pumping it harder and harder with his leather and chain clad hand.  James leaned back and started to work his cock faster and faster until a stream of creamy white splooge drenched his stomach and the table.  I’m working on getting James back to relive his high school prom night.

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