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What would a Monster Cock week be without a super-hung black cock? Yeah I know it is a stereotype, but Bralick goes a looong way to prove that African-American dudes DO have big dicks! Actually, I think I saw a recent study saying this stereotype is just that…a stereotype.  But then you look at Bralick’s big dick on his smaller frame, and you start to think maaaaybe there is some genetics going on here?! Bralick is a smart guy, he has put this attribute to work for him. He dances/strips and also uses his sparkling personality to entertain at women’s parties.  He does dance for guys on occasion and readily admits that the guys tip way better. Perhaps we know a big ‘ole gun when we see one and are willing to pay tribute with a five or twenty.

He is not too worried about a dude handling his equipment, but he seriously went into Down Low Mode when talking about doing it on film. That was just not something he was willing to let the world see. Privately, sure. but on film. Uh uh. He sure has fun doing this solo, so it is kind of a shame. Bralick loves to laugh and play to the camera, so the solo is pretty awesome. A natural exhibitionist for sure!

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