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On what had to be one of the hottest days of the summer, I get a call from one of our models that wanted to bring a buddy out to the ranch. I rarely turn down a model that wants to hang out  especially when they have avfried in tow. So after a good hour or so drive, the boys showed up hot, sweaty and horny. Alex jumped in the shower while we set up a couple cameras. Alex was horny before he arrived but he was about to turn it up a notch or two. The southern guy loves to be watched and he was gonna milk this for all he could. He walked in the room holding just a towel and jumped up on the bed.

Alex has amazing darkskin and he is exactly as I like em, naturally smooth. Alex has a nice cut cock but his meat is clearly upstaged by his huge ballsack and perfectly round bubble butt. It didn’t take long before Alex was working a fat 8″ dildo in and out of his smooth ass. He gets up on all fours and then sits down on his new best friend until his ass completely grips it. Alex wanted to make this go on and on but he was working himself into a frenzy. He got up on his knees and stroked his hard cock as his body clenched fighting off his orgasm. Alex was covered with sweat as he worked his cock with his hand and his ass for the dildo. Alex actually put on a real hot show for being so last minute.


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