Gay porn gallery: Southern Strokes – Richard’s Return

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We first met Richard about two months ago as we were traveling through Louisiana.  Richard is this huge statue of a man just overflowing with testosterone.  Go back and take a look and see if you can even recognize our 23 year old student from deep in the South.  His long hair and huge pecs reminded me of one of those Adonis I jerk off to in 300. I think I mentioned earlier how much I actually like hanging out with Richard.  We seem to talk just about every couple of days so when he told me he was thinking about getting his hair cut, I told him that we would have to do another shoot with him.  I think that Richard’s hair might just rank in the top 10 of comments from our members.  (They were about evenly split between loving and hating it).

So Richard pulls up to the Ranch and gets out of his truck in all his glory.  I swear I wouldn’t have recognized him had I not known he was showing up.  I personally will go on record of saying that I am a huge fan of the new short hair.  If he was hot before, he is definitely scorching hot now.  Not only is the new hair a turn-on, it looks as though this stud has been hitting the weights as well. I wanted Richard to stand up so that everyone could get a real feel for how big this boy is.  He is 6’2” tall with bulging biceps, a meaty chest, a ripped set of abs and a nice straight 8 inch cut cock.  Watching him tower over the cameras as he stood completely naked outside on the front porch.  Take a look on his face right before he shoots his load.  It’s as if he is aiming for the camera man.

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