The pros and cons of ass play

To the casual reader that title might mean the same thing. But to me, it’s very different. Rimming is hot and sexy, and the sight of a man pushing his tongue into another guy’s cheeks is downright romantic. There’s also something beautifully submissive about a macho dude opening up his butt for male tongue.

Image courtesy of Randy Blue; click for full gallery

Ass play is another story. I’m not keen on watching a man finger another man, and it’s one of the few porn basics that doesn’t thrill me. But there’s something even less interesting in gay-land; opening up the actual ass hole and showing it off for the camera. An ass hole is not a penis, nor is it a vagina. It doesn’t look sexy, and there’s no reason I need to see it flexing and spewing out saliva, or in the case of some videos, cum.

Who gets turned on by the actual ass hole and why? I used to date a guy who was hot as hell until he got naked and told me to fuck his “man pussy.” Then he’d spread it out and show it off for me. I never said anything (like I said, “hot!”), but I was completely turned off. Luckily, once the fucking started there was never another mention of his mangina.

About a year ago some guy I’d never met sent me a naked photo of himself flexing his ass for the camera and showing off his hole. He thought it would turn me on, obviously, but I deleted the shot right away and didn’t respond. To this day, if I see that guy I picture that big red hole leering out at me from his camera. I can barely look at his face.

A hole is a hole is a hole. An ass, on the other hand, is an object to be fondled, played with, and ferociously fucked.


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