Gay porn gallery: Bad Puppy – Ivan Cakovsky & Albrecht Maznak

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18 year old Ivan Cakovsky and 20 year old Albrecht Maznak, are a couple of hot blooded European Hotties, who are both very sexual, bordering on sexual addiction. After some affectionate kissing, Ivan moves on to licking and sucking Albrecht’s firm uncut cock. Ivan’s jeans come off and as he lies back, Albrecht then devours Ivan’s equally firm uncut cock. While Albrecht sits, Ivan stands up placing his cock in Albrecht’s mouth, while he enjoys some good oral pleasure. They then assume the 69 position, sucking each other off. Ivan rolls Albrecht back with his legs above his head and begins finger fucking his ass, while Albrecht rims Ivan. Soon Albrecht bends over the arm of the couch while Ivan fucks the hell out of his ass, covering a variety of positions. Ivan pulls out, removing the condom and cums all over Albrecht’s face and in his mouth. Albrecht leans back and jacks off, releasing a load of his own.

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