Gay porn gallery: Active Duty – Kaden’s Recruits 3 with Kaden & Bastian

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Active Duty featured that adorable Bastian taking it to the next level with gorgeous Kaden Saylor. It’s a special and intimate scene, in that it was just Kaden and Bastian in the room. Kaden gave Bastian head but then they took things even further and Bastian returned the favor. In the first half of this scene, it looked like Bastian kinda’ had the upper hand since he was the one that got to get off and not Kaden. (Bastian shoots twice!) But by the 2nd half we start to realize that Kaden has one thing on his mind, getting his big beautiful cock up Bastian’s tight little hole. First Kaden works it over with a small dildo to ease him into it, and then he fucks the daylights out of him!

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