Let’s Talk Bears

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I watched this porn movie called “Bay City Bears” the other day, and was left confused. What, exactly, qualifies you to be a bear? Most of the men in the movie were older; some looked as if they could be about 50. One guy was hot, hot, hot, probably in his 30s, and was almost completely hairless. The only thing that separated him from the mainstream porn stars is that he didn’t have a six-pack or zero body fat.

The first time I ever heard the term “bear” was at a magazine store. There was some sort of publication devoted to these guys. However, all of them were overweight, bald, with lots of facial and body hair and tattoos. None of them looked like porn stars, but they could have gotten a spot in “Biker Weekly.” Alec Baldwin has publicly referred to himself as a “bear,” and he seems to be right at that limit, or in the new sub-category of bears that are popping up daily.

Until recently, I’ve stuck to the magazine’s definition of bears, especially as I know guys who look like that and who refer to themselves as bears. Has the meaning of the word changed, or is porn just trying to find yet another niche while not sticking to it? If I watched “Bay City Bears” without knowing the title, I probably would have described it as a porn flick that featured some bear-ish guys, but was really a film with older men fucking. I’m also wondering if the word “bear” is applied more loosely because men are becoming more steroid-perfect than ever before.


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