Gay porn gallery: Dirty Tony – Hot firefighter Chase is back!

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The HOT, Irish firefighter is back and he looks better than ever! Chase Laroo recently showed up at my door, asking if I still made porn. His eyes lit up when I told him I did, and that I had been trying to get in touch. These days, he’s even more ripped, still covered in tattoos and still sexy as hell. Of course, I didn’t refuse his request when he asked if he could do a couple more videos on my casting couch. After catching up with some his recent adventures and new experiences, I pressed him if he would be willing to experiment with guys. No matter how many different ways I asked, Chase just wasn’t willing to do ANYTHING that involved his hard cock and another guy-he’s worried about being known for doing gay porn. I’m not sure if he will be having sex with guys anytime soon, but I think I may be able to convince him to do some pretty interesting things in the near future! Chase starts stripping, revealing his perfect body, furry torso and amazing ass…DAMN! His dick is already pulsing when he starts stroking his thick, pink cock, sliding his big hands up and down the thick shaft. Every muscle in Chase’s body ripples while he is jerking his cock, showing off his gorgeous body. He leans over and I get to capture a view of his hairy, bubble butt as he spreads it apart. Getting more turned on with each second, my seductive stud gets ready to blow his load. Beating faster and faster, a huge stream of creamy, white cum shoots out of his cock and lands on his pecs, coating his entire chest and 6-pack. FUCKING HOT!

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