Randy Blue: @DerekAtlas fucks Bryce Tucker

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When you go to the Cum and Go Sperm Depository and the guy at the counter is none other than hot, horny and hung bodybuilder Derek Atlas, would you really need any further inspiration to make a deposit? That’s what was going through the mind of Bryce Tucker as he approached the counter. Both of them have amazing smooth muscular jock bodies and big thick cocks so you know this is going to be amazing. Derek fucks Bryce’s hot ass like there’s no tomorrow and Bryce is so hot for Derek it’s a wonder he doesn’t spill his seed all over the place soon after it all starts. But luckily he holds off because there’s a lot more hardcore action to be had. But all studs must cum before they go and Derek manages to get one nice hot load from Bryce, even though it’s not how he normally collects it. Then again, with a stud like Bryce, maybe it is.
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Bel Ami: Sexy stud @Brady_Jensen fucks Jean-Daniel Chagall

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Brady Jensen has made a big splash at BelAmiOnline and we’ve been working to pair him with equally muscled counter parts like today with Jean-Daniel Chagall. These 2 were quite an amazing combo of hot ripped bodies, sweet bubble asses and just flat out sexy muscle studs.

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Cock Sure Men: @xTrevorKnightx gets a hot birthday surprise from Mike Martinez & Spencer Williams

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Trevor Knight just wants to relax and read a book for his birthday. His boyfriend, Mike Martinez, has other plans. He brings in Trevor’s present which consists of Spencer Williams wearing a banner reading “Happy Birthday” and nothing else. Trevor gives out a good laugh and a big smile then points out that it’s the birthday boy who should be the one in his ‘birthday suit’. It’s not long before everyone is naked and having fun. Even though it’s Trevor’s birthday it’s Spencer who becomes the center of attention. He winds up in the middle of a man sandwich getting fucked first by Trevor’s huge cock, then by Mike’s long pole. Spencer continues to alternate, taking turns riding Trevor and Mike side by side on the couch! Spencer drops to his knees while Trevor and Mike each pop their load onto his waiting tongue. Still on his knees with two studs hovering above him, Spencer blasts all over his leg. “Happy Fucking Birthday!” exclaims Trevor.

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Naked Sword: @ChristianWildeX & @TonyHunterXXX in “He Just Does Something to Me”

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Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship knows the best part of getting into a fight is the make-up sex. Exploring another aspect of love that some couples know all too well, these boyfriends work out their issues with each other with a no-holes-barred white knuckle fuck and suck session that will leave you breathless. Christian warms up Tony’s meaty ass with whatever implements he can get his hands on in the kitchen. Tony sure wants it bad, but his boyfriend isn’t about to let him off easy. Fucking the cum out of him, Christian and Tony’s brutally aggressive ass fucking is punctuated with some surprisingly tender moments that might make some couples re-think the need for couples therapy.

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Fetish Force: @stevecruzblog gives @CoryKoons a hard fuck

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Steve Cruz and Cory Koons make for a sexy pairing as two hot as fuck street punk queers messing around in a locker room after the game. Cory has one of the sweetest little asses in the business, and Steve tongues out his fuck hole. This Latin fucker is all machismo when he’s on top, and the locker room is a good place to prove your manhood. As Steve steps it up on Cory’s rosebud, the action intensifies. Steve’s hot hairy ass bounces as he wails on poor Cory. This guy fucks hard and mean. He pumps Cory into a frenzy, pulls out his pecker, and scores!

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Teach Twinks: @DiIlon_Samuels and Blair Mason wrestle in bed

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Blair Mason surprises Dillon Samuels in bed and the two get into a bit of sexually charged wrestling. Of course, the wrestling quickly turns to sex! Blair sucks Dillon’s hard cock before the frisky blonde returns the favor. They don’t waste much time with oral, though, and Blair is soon riding Dillon’s dick. Blair ends up with a faceful of cum as he jacks himself off!

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Chaos Men: Carter Jacobs gets serviced

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Carter Jacobs had already done oral video elsewhere, but I still like to take the guys through the paces. Get them familiar with how I film, see how nervous or uptight they are, see how much they are checking at the porn playing for them- ya know, check out their energy. I already said it, but CJ’s tatts are quite a bit, but there is just something about his energy that makes me think he will fuck like a tiger given the chance…or maybe I should say GET fucked like a tiger. Ransom works really hard to get Carter’s cock hard, and it takes quite a few of his tricks to wake him up. Initially Carter was trying to not watch the porn, trying to prove he could do the scene without, but I finally motioned for him to just watch the TV. That did the trick, and his dick woke up, which then allowed him to kick back and enjoy the blow job.  He doesn’t sit there frozen thinking, “Yeeks, there is a dude on my dick!” Read the rest of this post »

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My Husband Is Gay: @JP_RichardsXXX fucks hottie Dustin Fitch for @phoenixxxcom

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JP Richards wakes up with a killer hangover after a night at the casino, he also wakes up with a ring on his finger! He calls over his buddy Dustin Fitch, and instead of thinking about a quickie divorce, these two end up fucking. Dustin loves that black cock, so much so he blows his load halfway through the scene! JP ends up giving him a facial but their snowballing is interrupted by a phone call…

Lucas Entertainment: Wall Street fuck buds @Shay_Michaels and @DylanRobertsXXX

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The more Vito falls for Chris, the more he obsesses over what he doesn’t have: power, wealth, and a suit to flaunt it all. He sees Wall Street power-player Dylan Roberts down on Gold Street and wonders what his story is. Dylan works the numbers of his bank day in and out, but he needs a break and sneaks away on his lunch to meet his friend with benefits, beefy hedge fund manager Shay Michaels. Up in Shay’s luxurious apartment, he starts sucking on Dylan as he undoes his pants to let his erection out to play. Dylan has a smooth, tight hole, and it calls out to have Shay eat out with his aggressive tongue. Dylan loves it, moaning and craning his head back to see Shay working on him. While Shay is blowing and licking Dylan, he gets hard himself and the two hot guys in suits switch positions and Dylan swallows up Shay’s curved cock. Eventually Dylan hops onto Shay’s bed on all fours, and his asshole is perfect for a fucking. His dress shoes and socks are still on, not to mention his shirt and blazer, and he’s tangled and trapped in clothes as Shay fucks him doggy and on his back — there’s no escape in Shay’s high-powered circle of sex. The guys switch positions and Shay sits right down on Dylan’s hard cock! They get so hot and heavy they strip their suits off, but there’s not enough time to take their socks off. Their sexy escape leads to two explosive cumshots!

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Southern Strokes: Robbie Cross and his uncut tool

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Take a listen to the interview and you will know where I found Robbie.  Let’s just say he was swinging (literally) at one of my favorite waterin holes.  Robbie is everything about a Hot Southern Boy that you would dream about.  He is 5’5” tall with a lean gymnast build, a perfect ass and a huge uncut tool swinging between his legs. I of course invited Robbie to cum and visit me at the Ranch so that I could share him with the rest of my Southern Strokes’ Faithful. Robbie showed up and pretty much immediately got naked.  He was sitting on the counter buck naked stroking his big uncut cock and talking to me like we were sittin out front the general store drinkin a pop. I finally clued in and shut up and let him yank one out for us right there.  Robbie had already made himself semi-hard so as soon as the cameras started rolling, Robbie picked up the pace.  He worked his giant piece of meat with both hands as he punched his hips forward on every stroke.  Robbie’s little hands on the great big thing just made his cock look even more massive. Robbie started exploring his ass with his free hand which sent this country boy to another level.  He arched his back like a good lil bottom as he finger fucked his moist hole. Robbie tugged on his shaft harder and harder as his love sac slapped against his precious ass.  Robbie finished things off with a shot to his chest of gooey man batter.

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